How To Be Coachable
How To Be Coachable
TraktivityHow To Be Coachable
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Are you coachable?

What does that even mean, really?

We look at coachability as an important trait for anyone looking to GROW. Growth means you’re trying to gain skills you don’t have, or haven’t come naturally to you so far. It’s normal for this to be uncomfortable. Some people have to practice coachability. Others are be default more receptive to feedback -- both receiving it, and then acting upon it!

How does your coachability factor rank?

How do you respond to uncomfortable feedback?

Are you resistant, discarding feedback you don’t like or agree with? Or do you work on finding a nugget of truth, even if you don’t like the overall message? Most people you ask to coach you have your best interest in mind, so it’s important to consider their feedback even if you don’t like it. On the flip-side, if you’re getting unsolicited feedback about your business from someone who isn’t achieving the success you desire, you can feel more comfortable disregarding what they have to say.

What’s your process for trying something new?

New habits take time to build, and new approaches feel awkward at first. Find a way to try something new, based on the feedback from your coach or mentor, and give it an honest go.

This might mean restructuring your time to focus on a different kind of activity. It could mean doing something outside of your comfort zone until it feels, if not comfortable, at least not horrible.

Evaluate your patterns and find a way of committing to a new technique. If you find it truly doesn’t work for you, you can stop -- but you’ll have learned something valuable along the way!

Now that you have a better sense of your coachability, how can you respond to the coaching you’re receiving?

Act Fast

Unless you’re posed with a serious dilemma, don’t spend too much time overthinking what you’re taught. Your coach wants you to take certain steps because they’ll lead you to expected outcomes, and you’ll learn more about yourself and your business along the way. By responding quickly and implementing their guidance, you’ll not only set yourself up for success, you’ll show your coach that you’re ready to work and you respect their time and input. Win/win!

Respect the Recipe

Your business works well. Your company has invested money, time, and more into creating an incredible product.

Your leaders have taken a trusted method, applied it again and again, and built a career of success.

Your recipe can be the same as theirs.

Sure, you’ll find your own way of sharing your opportunity, talking about why you love your job and your products. You’ll stay authentic. But when it comes to doing the work -- respect the process that’s gone before, and don’t spend extra effort reinventing the wheel.

Always Be Learning

Your coach, your mentor, your upline leaders -- all of these individuals can teach you great things. But there are so many more resources out there. Some of them may come recommended by your network -- others you may find yourself. Bring back what you’ve learned and talk it over with your coach. Use outside experts or champions of successful approaches as models. The more you learn, the more tools you have in your toolbox. This way, when it’s YOUR turn to coach someone, you’ll have resources that will work - even if their situation is different from your own.

How do you rate your coachability, #TRAKstar? Where do YOU need to grow? We want to hear your stories. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram and leave us a comment!

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