Finally, a CRM built for network marketers.

-Jennifer L

Seattle, Washington

With Traktivity, you can find, build, and strengthen your connection while growing your bottomline:

With Traktivity, you can find, build, and strengthen your connection while growing your bottomline.

With Traktivity, you can find, build, and strengthen your connection while growing your #bottomline:

  • Manage your prospects
  • Connect with your customers
  • Conquer your calendar
  • Support your team members
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and that's just the beginning...

After trying countless CRMs over the years, Traktivity is the one I’ll stick with. It creates accountability and consistency and compels me to do my work each day. It’s easy to upload contacts and the one-click connection to Facebook Messenger can’t be found anywhere else. Traktivity plans my day for me so I can focus on serving others!

Traktivity is a lifesaver when it comes to keeping me focused. I love the ability to set my goals and let the Win The Day page guide my activities. Seeing my progress and history with each prospect makes it simple to know what comes next!

Traktivity has been such a wonderful resource for me in growing my business. It has completely streamlined the process of reaching out, following up, and keeping record of conversations. It has helped me to achieve consistency in both sales and recruiting, and ultimately helped me to achieve a personal record in sales for November and December of 2019, after 3 years with my business. I’m so thankful to the Traktivity team for this resource!

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Over 5,000 Network marketers have used Traktivity to enable and simplify running their network marketing business. Their results are nothing short of extraordinary.



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With Traktivity entrepreneurs can conquer the world with the tools they need from anywhere.

Make managing your network marketing business stress-free. Build relationships and keep them active, and move seamlessly between digital and personal connections. With Traktivity in your hands, you can see overdue or missed events and get reminders of auto-ship dates so you don't overlook anything.

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