Are You Planning -- Or Doing?
TraktivityAre You Planning -- Or Doing?
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We’ve talked before about the importance of doing the work - and Traktivity is designed to hold you accountable so you’re meeting your daily and weekly goals.

Your business is built on a consistent habit of performance - keep putting in the time, and you’ll see success.

But sometimes, it’s easy to confuse planning with doing.

Don’t get us wrong, planning is critical to your success - that’s why we advocate setting goals, creating a template for your week, and working with a coach.

What sets successful people apart is the actual implementation of the plan.

How can you take your business to the next step by moving from planning to action? We're sharing a few concrete steps you can take!

Connect an Action to a Plan

Plan to call 5 people every day? Make sure you do it -- and then take it to the next level. Send out a follow-up sampler, or a hand-written note, or get their commitment to attend your next event before you hang up the phone.

Make It Your Day

Make it your goal to hold a conversation about your business every Monday. (Or every Thursday, or Saturday -- you pick the day.) Once you’re having the conversations, commit to always asking for the sale - and make it easy for your prospect to say yes.

Give Yourself a Boost

Make it more attractive to take action than to plan. This could mean rewarding yourself when you close a sale or enlist a new partner, but making a big black X on your calendar when you fail to meet your daily call goal -- and 5 X’s means you don’t get to buy that new sweater you’ve been wanting. By creating both positive & negative incentives to help motivate yourself, you can push through the resistance from planning to action.

Buddy Up

It’s easier to make things happen with a partner. Plan a joint event, ask someone to help you promote your latest social media campaign, or enlist an accountability partner. You’ll identify your stumbling blocks, move past anything keeping you stuck, and have more fun along the way when you're working alongside a friend.

Identify a Plan B

Sometimes, we dream big - and we should! But if you find you’re getting more discouraged than invigorated by your goals, give yourself a plan B. Don't give up and call yourself a failure - find a way to identify the positive out of an otherwise unsatisfying step. Planned an event and only had one person show up? Make it the best one-on-one discussion you've ever had, then poll some friends to find out why they couldn't make it. Next time, you'll know what tweaks to make so you'll have better attendance!

If you're stuck in a rut or not seeing the progress you want in your business, give these methods a try. We're willing to bet you'll start feeling the rhythm of effective action again soon!

Need some help keeping it all straight? Have you started your free trial of Traktivity yet? Get going today!

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