6 Keys To A Successful Product Launch
Traktivity6 Keys To A Successful Product Launch
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When a new product launches, you have an unmatched opportunity to grow your business, connect with new customers, and bring on new partners. But you can't do all of that without a solid plan of attack! So today, we're back with 6 key things you MUST do to make the most of your new product launch!

Build Hype First

You can’t spill the beans early, but you CAN start to build excitement among your friends, customers, and prospects.

Share your enthusiasm about something new coming soon! Send a message or make a call to your best customers or your most interested prospects. Let them know that something is coming, so they will be excited to hear from you and won’t be surprised when you reach out again later.

Plus, giving people a heads up about a new product is like a teaser -- even if it’s just subconsciously, they’ll start to think about how they can afford it or wonder what might be generating so much excitement. Then when it’s announced, they can jump right in and join the celebration!

Create A Promo

A new product launch is a great opportunity to run a special promotion or incentive to sign up some new customers. Maybe you offer an extra sample or giveaway item to anyone who orders the new product, or give a raffle entry for each purchase. Find a way to magnify the excitement and bring in an even wider audience.

Make It Unmissable

Invite your prospects to a VIP themed party or gathering where you’ll share the new product, and take some photos (with their permission, of course) to share on social media. You’ll help to build the hype for the product AND the community of people who love it -- encouraging fence-sitters to join in on the fun.

Use It to Launch A New Partner

We’ve said it before, but a product launch is the PERFECT time to bring on a new partner. As you’re chatting with a prospect who is excited about the new product, remind her if she is interested in buying the product - her friends will be too!

WIth your coaching and support, a new product launch can help a new recruit have a really successful start to their business, and carry momentum with them as they grow!

Have A Social Media Plan

Sharing a new product on social media is a huge part of your roll-out strategy. From a teaser story and post, to some real-life snapshots on how you use, love, and benefit from the product, your followers will be full of curiosity and eager to learn more.

Make sure you’re taking the time to plan out some stories, posts, and engagement - perhaps even a giveaway - on your social media accounts, including any grounds or private pages you manage for specific customer groups.

Be Fierce With Follow Up

Following up is always important, but this is especially true in the exciting few days and weeks after a new product is released. Keep close track of anyone you’ve connected with before, and make sure you present them this new and exciting opportunity. Then, check in again after they’ve had a little time to process the information and get curious.

Often, new products come with a limited time promotion - so make sure you’re communicating any expiring deadlines, dates, or things that people need to know to make the most of the launch!

Now it's your turn, TRAKstar -- how do you build excitement and make the most of a new product? Share your best tips with our community on Facebook and Instagram!

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