Five Tips For Post Convention Success
TraktivityFive Tips For Post Convention Success
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So you attended your company's annual event, and you're overflowing with energy and new ideas. (And let's be honest - you might be just a little tired from all of the fun you had!)

Ready to take your business to the next level? Here's how you can take what you learned at your convention* and grow your business like never before!

Prepare Your Post-Event Promotions

Usually there’s a new product, a special, or announcement. You need a plan to roll this out! Don’t let the momentum fade -- be one of the front-runners to announce to your team, and when the time is right, share what's new with your friends, customers, and prospects.

Reconnect With New Connections - and Reach Out to Existing Ones!

You made a lot of new connections at your event -- other business owners who are doing amazing things, inspired women and men building lives and careers from the flexibility of their homes. Reach out and reconnect with these new friends, swap stories and techniques, and build each other up.

Post-convention is also a great time to reach out to those dusty contacts -- people who had responded that they weren't interested right now, or asked you to follow up at some unspecified point in the future.

Most likely, you've got new language to use to share your business, new products to explore, and new ideas for how to connect with your prospects. Now is the time to reach out!

Revisit Your Goals

With the new energy, new training, and new products you’re walking away with, it might be time to build some bigger goals! Revisit where you are this year and what’s ahead of you, then update your goals and share them with your team and your mentor!

Recap With Your Team

It doesn’t matter if your team is 2 people or 200 -- share the convention results with all of them and help them take the same steps you are to advance their own businesses. Not everyone can make it to their event (although we think you should!) - so pass that wisdom along and help your team succeed together.

Write It Down

After your convention, you’ll be pumped up, energized, and enthusiastic to build your business like never before. Take some time to review the high points of the past few days, write down any key teachings that resonated with you or encouraged you, and keep these handy for days you feel discouraged or you’re not seeing the progress in your business. Sometimes a little boost of inspiration or a reminder of how far you've come is all you need!

How are you keeping the momentum going after attending your company's event?

Keep track of your new connections and log those reachouts simply with Traktivity!

*we’ll call it a convention, although the terminology may vary depending on your particular business line.

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