How To Do a Half Year Review
How To Do a Half Year Review
TraktivityHow To Do a Half Year Review
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Holy moly TRAKstar, It’s July!

Now that the fireworks have all been set off and you’re shifting into the sweet weeks of mid-summer, it’s time to remind yourself that the year is half over.

That means it’s time to have some tough talk with yourself on where you are -- and where you intend to be.

After all, half the year has gone by. What have you done with it?

On the flip side, half the year is still ahead of you. What CAN you do with it?

Here are some of our favorite ways to take stock of where you stand, and where you need to pivot, at this mid-way point in the year.

Check the Numbers

What have you actually accomplished so far this year? How many sales, how many business partners, how many events (digital or in person)? How do these stats match up against your targets?

How about money? How much have you invested in your business, and how much have you earned?

What have these earnings done in your life?

Looking at the numbers will give you the cold, hard facts you need to have a clear picture of exactly where you stand.

What’s Changed?

Is your life the same as it was in January?

Have you welcomed a new baby or pet, bought a new home or car, taking a big trip, paid off a debt, dealt with an injury?

Look at the major events of the past six months, and evaluate the impact on your time, energy, and business.

It’s also a great time to look ahead at what you expect to happen in the upcoming months. While we can’t always predict life’s curveballs, sometimes we can plan ahead - especially for things like the start of the school year, family commitments, or holidays.

What Feels Awesome?

What’s the best thing in your life right now? What gets you pumped up, inspired, ready to take on the world? Jot down a few notes and see how you can fit more of THIS into your life over the next six months.

What Feels Awful?

How about what’s dragging you down? A commitment, a chore, a stressful situation -- what do you want less of? Now that you’ve identified it, how can you change your life to avoid or reduce this unpleasant task or item?

Who is my #1 Role Model Right Now?

The people we look up to and seek guidance or inspiration from tell us a lot about how we see ourselves and who we want to be. Who are you following on social media? Which podcast do you never, ever miss? What can these people do to inspire you to transform over the coming months? What’s one thing you could do to have a life more like the ones you admire?

While you’re thinking about who inspires you, take a scroll through your social feed and see what isn’t inspiring -- and feel free to give those folks an unfollow (or a mute). They’ll never know, and you’ll feel better each time you open up your social account, whether for work or play.


Whether you had the best six months of your life, or things were pretty tough -- it’s time to celebrate. Find one success that you’d love to feature, and share it with your people. Maybe you exceeded your sales goal, or paid off a student loan. Maybe you stuck to your goal of going for a power walk every morning. It could be hitting your grocery budget every month! No matter what it is, call it out and celebrate, because when highlights like this happen in your life, you deserve to acknowledge it.

Get Focused

Finally, don’t let the summer heat and vacation brain take your eyes off the prize. Now that you know where you stand, where you want to be, and what’s inspiring you to get there -- it’s in your hands to execute your plan. Each and every day, take the steps you need, and before you know it, December will be here. It’s up to you how you show up on December 31 - even if you are starting over today.

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