Make The Most Of Your Convention
Make The Most Of Your Convention
TraktivityMake The Most Of Your Convention
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Attending your company’s major conference, event, or convention this year? It’s a big investment of time and money, not to mention energy, so here’s how you can make it the most successful use of your resources!

Go In With The Right Tech

Have the right apps on your phone to help you take notes, snap shots, and connect with new people.

Evernote is a great app for jotting down your observations, inspiring quotes, or ideas that you want to implement in your own business. You can take notes, save photos, even capture audio and video clips.

Collecting business cards? Get ScanBizCards. Not only can you scan in the cards of people you meet, saving time, you can then export your contacts as a CSV and easily upload to Traktivity. Save time while you build your address book!

Instagram or Facebook are probably already power apps on your mobile, but make sure you’re sharing your experiences with your community of followers. Attending a corporate event can be a big boost to the lifestyle side of your business, and might help you convert a few silent followers into prospects or even team mates!

P.S. Make sure you’re adding new connections to your Facebook account, so you can sync with Traktivity when you get home and have all of those new contacts all in one place!

And of course, make sure you’ve got the Traktivity app or you’ve linked to the web platform, so you can take care of business in between sessions and log some reachouts while you’re high on motivation and inspiration!

Know Your Agenda

Conferences can get super busy, between team-building workouts, brunches and dinners, keynote sessions, and theme nights or parties. Make sure you scan the agenda ahead of time and make a plan for where you’ll show up, and when you might take a pass. It’s okay to miss out on a few things, but make sure you’re getting your money’s worth and investing in yourself as much as possible during these limited-time events!

Have a Main Goal

Why are you attending your conference or event?

To have fun, clearly. To celebrate your success, or cheer on your teammates, sure. But there’s got to be a bigger reason, and you need to know what it is before you show up on Day One.

  • Bullet

    Maybe you want to meet a leader in your company and ask them to be a mentor for you.

  • Bullet

    Perhaps your only goal is to hone, refine, and polish your elevator speech or business blurb until it rolls off your tongue as easily as your name.

  • Bullet

    You could be focused on learning about the products you sell so you are a verifiable expert.

It doesn’t matter what your goal is, but make sure you have one.

That way, you’ll bring a higher level of focus to each and every event, and you’ll walk away knowing you achieved something important during the hours or days you spent at this year’s gathering.

Be Present

Your phone is a powerful tool at these events, from taking notes to taking photos. It’s equally important, though, to put the phone down and just engage. Drink in the inspiration around you, celebrate with your teammates, set new and crazy goals for your year ahead.

Ride The Enthusiasm Wave

You’ll be so pumped up from the energy at your conference, you’ll be able to speak with greater excitement than ever before about the opportunity your business offers. Make sure you capture this energy and schedule some power hours and reachout marathons after you get home (or even on the plane/ride home?) Your honest enthusiasm will be obvious to your prospects, and they’ll be even more curious about joining in and learning what all the fuss is about!

Are you attending your company's event this year? What is YOUR Goal?

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