Summer Social Hacks
Summer Social Hacks
TraktivitySummer Social Hacks
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Now that summer is here, it's time to adapt your social media strategy. How can you keep engaged when everyone is on the move from the beach to the trail to the pool and back again?

Change Your Rhythm

People follow different schedules in the summer, so your social posts should too! Look at your regular posting schedule, then consider what might be different.

Instead of a post that goes live during the after-school activities block, instead look at a morning post to catch the after-breakfast crowd.

Instead of a Friday night post for your friends at happy hour, try sharing something fun and inspirational on weekday afternoons to catch people on their way home from a fun activity, hike, or outing.

You’ll also want to consider your own schedule and what makes sense for you! If you usually post once a day, but you know your summer schedule makes that hard, think about switching it up. Maybe instead, you post 3 times a week but share more on-the-go stories!

No matter what you choose, figure out a way to share that feels like a good fit for you and your desired audience, and don’t be afraid to adapt it as you go. Consistency is important, but authenticity is even more important in the world of social media.

Ramp Up Virtual Events

People are busy, on vacation, hosting visitors, or hanging with their kids. Switch to virtual events and let people tune in when they can.

If you’ve never held a virtual event, that’s okay! We’ve got some tips for you - and we’ll bet your team will too. There’s no wrong way to share on social -- but posting some videos, inviting people to check in on their own schedule, and offering a fun giveaway or bonus entries for engagement are always good tips!

The great thing about virtual events is once you’ve held one, you know how to hold as many as you like, and you’re not competing for space with other events or summer happenings.

Focus On Connection

Summer is a great time to focus on building your network -- both in real life, and virtually. You’ll meet new people who are visiting your town, or you run into at the pool when your kids hang together. The same can be true of your social media accounts. Focus on growing your connections, both in number of followers/friends, and the type and frequency of engagement. These efforts will pay off as you continue to show your lifestyle and business brand through your regular posting schedule.

How to find your new online friends? Experiment with new hashtags, check out the friends of your friends, or search for others tagging their posts and photos in your area. Then don’t be shy -- reach out and say hi!

Show Off (just a little)

What does your job let you enjoy during the summer, that you couldn’t when you worked an office job? Did your business pay for a family vacation, a new kayak, or even just a bottle of tequila for those margaritas?

Brag a little.

Keep it polite, and educational -- after all, you don’t want to drive away those new connections you just made. But one of the most powerful selling points for your business is the lifestyle it’s helped you create. Make sure you’re acknowledging that in your regular posts and stories, and to the extent that you’re comfortable, share your specific stories of success (or failure, along the way!)

How are you approaching your summer social strategy? We'd love to hear your tips and tricks! Use #traktivity in your social posts so we can share with our community of #TRAKstars!

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