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It’s almost summer vacation, and whether or not you’ve got school-age kiddos, things are about to change! How can you get ready for summer vacation to make the most of it with your family while ramping up your business?

Here are a few strategies we love for setting yourself up for summer success!

Teacher Gifts

Whether you’ve got teachers in your lives or others who might enjoy a summer boost, your products or business services are a great way to say “thank you!”

Add a sample of your product or a gift card for your business to a hand-drawn card from your kiddos for the perfect teacher gift.

Ask around and see who else might be scrambling for last-minute teacher gifts! Even if you don’t have kids in school, your friends, neighbors, or coworkers might need some help!

Summer Jobs

From kids home from college to seasonal workers (or teachers!) looking for some extra cash this summer, be sure you’re marketing your business opportunity to the people in your network.

Set a goal to grow your business this summer, and start ramping up your reachouts. At the beach, the pool, the library, or the rooftop bar -- you can share how your business changes lives in as little as a few hours a week. Plan an event to share the business with interested prospects. Share some social posts on how your business is a perfect summer job!


Summer is a great time to invest in your team! If you can, plan a mini-retreat for your team. Even if you’re only able to gather with local partners, you can spend a few hours focused on recharging your teammates’ enthusiasm, teaching new skills, and celebrating successes from the first part of the year. Your team will appreciate it, and you'll walk away with a stronger connection and more potential to reach new heights!

If you can’t make a retreat happen in the summer because everyone is so busy, now is the time to plan for a fall gathering. Make it open to everyone, or turn it into a summer incentive drive so your team can compete for rewards and recognition!

New Products

Did your company launch new products in the past month -- or is a new launch on the horizon? Pump up your business by sharing your excitement and reaching out to customers who haven’t tried it out yet. Summer is a great time to refresh a routine or try something new. Host a party to share your new product, or do a giveaway to drive up engagement on your social media account!

Expand Your Network

How many new people are you adding to your network each week?

If you’re not sure, or the answer is zero, summer is your opportunity to get out there and make some new connections!

Join a summer tennis team or hiking club.

Enroll your kids in a summer camp and invite the other parents to a coffee break while the kids craft.

Volunteer at a local museum or charity once a week.

It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do something new. The more new connections you make, the more chances you have to introduce your company and product to someone who might be looking for just that!

What is your key to success in the summer? We want to hear your best tips and your questions! Leave us a comment on our Instagram or Facebook account!

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