4 Steps to a Strong Team
Traktivity4 Steps to a Strong Team
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So, you’ve got a team.

No matter if it’s one person or 100, you’ve got to be a leader. How do you keep your team engaged, focused on their goals, and working together for the betterment of everyone?

Here are 4 ways you can create a strong team dynamic in your network marketing business!

No “I” in Team

Be a participant and an active member of your team -- in what you do and how you communicate.

How can this look in practice?

Instead of coaching teammates by sharing “What I like to do” and “What you should do”, choose more inclusive language:

We can all achieve our daily reachout targets if we block time on our calenders.”


We sold $4,000 already this month -- everyone is making such a focused effort, and we should all be proud!”

Using inclusive language helps all of your team members feel like they are equally included and valued.

Be Reachable

No matter if you have a Facebook group, a regular video call, or reach out individually to your team members -- be sure they know at least one, if not two or three, ways they can connect with you to ask questions, get reassurance, or feel motivated when they’re down.

This doesn’t mean you need to be available 24/7 -- but if you only give your teammates a Facebook group to connect, and then you only check it for messages once or twice a week, you’re not going to inspire confidence.

Figure out what works best for YOU and then offer a few alternatives, realizing that not everyone will communicate in the same way.

Cultivate a Team Culture

From your team’s name to the ways you celebrate success, your culture is an underlying thread that knits you all together. Give this some thought as you are building your team, and keep focused as you grow.

This might look like:

A consistent practice of recognizing team members for achieving certain goals -- via social media posts, a special gift you send them, or an opportunity they wouldn’t otherwise have. Figure out what inspires YOU -- because your team is inspired by you, too. They might not always love the reward, but they’ll love that it comes from your heart.

Deciding how to give back. Whether it’s donating a percentage of your earnings or gifting time to a charity of choice, having a uniting practice of giving back can really strengthen your team culture. Not all in one place? Schedule a Saturday and ask all of your team members to plan on donating food to the local food back, or volunteering at a local trail clean-up or something similar in their own community. Not only will you build ties across your team, you’ll help communicate your brand, culture, and WHY to a broader audience.

Be Transparent

Your team looks to you as a leader -- and this includes sharing how you respond when you fail.

It makes sense that you want to inspire, uplift, and motivate your team. Sharing stories of overcoming, reaching goals, and believing in yourself are important.

But so are stories of failure.


Awkward conversations and those times the words just won’t come out.

The more you share your success in spite of these obstacles, the more your team will believe in their own potential.

So be transparent, and don’t forget to share the downs as well as the ups.

What are your best tips for teams? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment or share a post with #TRAKstar!

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