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Build Your Best Team
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From the soccer field to the boardroom, we're a culture of teams. Even the most introverted among us can see and value the power of a team to advance progress, compound levels of effort and creative input, and take an objective from brainstorm session to execution. The same is true when you build your team for your own business venture.

Whether you're an entrepreneur building your sales and marketing team, or a network marketing champ coaching others in their own journeys, your team will be a huge factor in your success or your failure.

So where to start? Leading a team can feel uncomfortable, and challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. To get you going, here are our best tips for building, encouraging, and growing a team that will take your business to the next level!

Understand Their Why

Just because a friend is supportive of your business and loves your product, it doesn’t mean they are ready to build a business. Don’t assume they have the same vision or goals that you do, or they want to travel the same path  -- ask, listen, and honor their response.

Make Sure You Connect

Okay - the truth is, you’re not going to be best friends with every member of your team. But if you’re going to work and grow together, it’s important that you have some things in common. It’s hard to build a business with someone who doesn’t respect your core values, or who doesn’t communicate in a way that you can support. Embrace differences where you can, but know where you need to draw the line and accept that someone’s not a good fit for your team.

Lead By Example

Once you’re working with a team, you’ll need to keep them moving forward. Hopefully, your partners all have a solid why, unique to them, that’s pushing them to succeed. While you'll need to cheer them on and provide positive feedback, it's also critical to focus on your own growth and let them see your hard work - and your living proof that doing the work will lead to advancement.

Give Out Gold Stars

Your team members are hustling and working hard. One of the best ways of showing appreciation is by recognizing their efforts - both within your team and publicly. Maybe this is a social media shout-out to your network that helps boost your teammate’s visibility. Or it could be a nice bonus or gift that shows up in their mailbox. Whatever feels authentic to you, find a way to provide recognition, and do so regularly.

Keep Learning

Your team isn’t stagnant, so you shouldn’t be either. Invest in your own continuing education so you’ll continue to have new skills to share and tricks to teach your team.

Be A Boss

You’re here to motivate, teach, and guide -- but you’re also here to be a boss, not a nanny. If you’ve got partners who aren’t doing the work, or responding to your guidance, know when to cut your losses and refocus your time and effort on your own growth and your team members who are committed to growth.

Are you currently leading a team? Do you look up to a leader and implement practices you see in your own business approach? Share your best team and leadership tips and tricks with our TRAKstar community on Instagram and Facebook!

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