3 Ways to Transform Your Mindset
3 Ways to Transform Your Mindset
Traktivity3 Ways to Transform Your Mindset
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Welcome to Mindset Week at Traktivity!

We’re big believers in the power of your mindset to propel you toward your goals.

But what if you KNOW you’re ready to upgrade your mindset -- but you can’t quite figure out how?

Here are our top three techniques for adopting and then affirming a leadership and growth mindset in your life and in your business.

Immerse Yourself In Your Desired Reality

Have you heard that popular saying that you’re essentially an average of the top 5 people you spend time with? It’s from a popular speaker named Jim Rohn -- and while it’s been disputed in a few academic studies, there is truth in the underlying trend.

We live in the way we see modeled around us.

Whether it’s physical fitness or business acumen, we are most strongly influenced by our friends and neighbors - the people whose lives we see and can imitate, unwrap, and compare to our own.

It’s common sense, really. If you want to stop drinking, it’ll be easier if you surround yourself with people who aren’t heading to happy hour each Friday. If you want to build your business, you’ll be inspired and motivated when you see action, success, progress, and positive momentum in your partners, friends, and leaders.

Not sure where to find like-minded entrepreneurs and dreamers in your community?

Ask your business partners, swing by your local Chamber of Commerce or Economic Development group. Look into business networking meetings, Toastmasters, and more. Most communities are filled with people looking to connect (often to sell!) -- so join the crowd and keep your eyes open for people living a life that looks like your dreams.

Connect With Inspiration -- Everywhere

Want to know how someone reached their goals? Ask them.

This might not always be practical -- after all, most of us don’t have Oprah on speed-dial -- but if there’s a mentor or leader within your community, take the time to craft a short, respectful note and ask for a moment of their time. Have one or two short questions ready to find out what worked best for them -- and then see how that wisdom applies to your own life.

Not ready to reach out? That's okay! There are so many other choices to get inspired. Find a podcast, download an audio book, pick up a biography at the library, go to a training, attend a conference -- the list goes on. It might take you a few tries to find someone who speaks your language and is actually helping you transform your mindset -- but you’ll learn something from everyone along the way.

If you’re not finding a source of continual inspiration and motivation at your fingertips, you’re just not looking hard enough.

Set Crazy Reach Goals

If your goals aren’t big and scary -- you’re playing too small.

We’re not saying you need to set yourself up for failure. Your crazy reach goals should still be achievable. But sometimes you need to fire up your business by taking on something that scares you!

Your mentor or upline leader is a great person to help you set some crazy reach goals.

Here’s an example of what a crazy reach goal might look like:

What’s your highest number of reachouts to new prospects in a single day? (If you don’t know, take a guess - and invest in a better system).

Take that number and triple it. That’s your crazy reach goal for this month.

How about your local territory? Look at your map and see where you’ve never held an event. You probably know someone who has connections in that community -- and if not, there’s probably a coffeeshop or small business that would love to host your pop-up business event.

Do it scared -- just do it. And the more you work on your crazy reach goals -- the less crazy they will start to feel.

How have you transformed your mindset in your work or your life?

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