4 Ways to Close With Confidence
4 Ways to Close With Confidence
Traktivity4 Ways to Close With Confidence
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You’ve nurtured a prospect, had numerous conversations, and you know this person is ready to become the newest member of your superstar team of network marketing pros.

How can you close with confidence and the best chance of adding a new teammate to your roster?

Ask A Positive Question

Keep the conversation focused on the positive elements of your business. We’re not saying you should sugar coat the struggles or make it sound like it’s easy - but find a way to ask questions that show the best parts of your business. This might look like:

“Which of our products do you like best?”

“What would extra income each month let you do differently in your life?”

“Are you looking for a team of encouraging women (or men) to partner with?”

“What would a new business opportunity add to your life?”

By phrasing the conversation with positive questions, you’ll help your prospect get into a positive mindset -- which makes it more likely he or she will come to a positive conclusion.

Troubleshoot Objections On The Spot

Don’t just nod your head when your prospect brings up a time crunch, or a lack of start-up funds. Work through the possible ways to manage these challenges.

Remember, you’re not just trying to recruit this person to your team - you’re trying to show them what type of leader you are.

The way you coach them before they join gives them a preview of what they can expect from you once they’re on the team. Be attentive and give your prospect your full attention when it comes to their concerns. Simply by listening well, you’re increasing the chances of them signing up.

If you’re closing the conversation with unresolved objections, it needs to be for a good reason. Maybe you need to do more research on a certain question, or they need to talk to their spouse or partner about the final investment. Don’t let a business conversation end without a plan to move forward!

Find An Inspiring Number

You might be here to replace your current income or retire early, but your prospect might have a different goal. Make sure you’re asking what would motivate him or her to take on a new challenge and opportunity. The easiest way to have this conversation is simply to ask: what type of income would make this worth your time?

Once you know the number, then show them how it can be achieved -- and how long it might take. By being transparent about the work required and the payoff, you can set your prospect up for success and avoid any buyer’s regret or burnout.

If I, Would You?

This is one of the most powerful closing frameworks you can use to take a prospect to a consultant. You’ve listened to what they like, what they need, and what they want-- now, tell them how you’ll get them to those goals.

"If I come over and talk with you and your partner and explain the opportunity, would you be ready to start if s/he agrees with the initial investment?"

"If I coach you personally to reach your financial goal and our new consultant bonus, will you show up with a list of 100 people to call?"

"If I connect you with my teammate who also has a newborn but is making this business work for her, would you listen to her experience?"

It’s another opportunity to show your prospect that you’re here as a coach and a leader -- and a way for you to overcome any remaining objections.

How have these tips worked in your business, #TRAKstar?

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