How To Get To YES
How To Get To YES
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Do you feel like you can’t win?

You're doing the work, logging calls and meeting new people every day. You keep inviting people to try your product or join your team, but even though you KNOW they’d be a perfect fit, they dismiss the opportunity right away?

Dealing with “No” is a tough part of working in network marketing. Finding the balance of respecting someone’s decision, while doing your best to grow and build, can be tricky.

Don't give up - learning to deal with "No" is an important step for any businessperson. Here are four powerful ways you can pivot a “No” into a “Yes!”

Overcome the Information Gap

Saying no is the easiest solution when a prospect doesn’t know enough. Often, a negative response comes from uncertainty or lack of understanding. If this is the challenge you’re facing, you’ve got one job: to make it simple and clear.

Have a conversation with your prospect and figure out why they are confused. Do they need more information about your company? About the up-front costs? The potential for income? How they’ll be supported and trained in the first few weeks and months?

Ask them what they need more information about, then provide answers in a clear and understandable format.

Don't know the answer? Ask your teammates or mentors.

Once you've answered that question, ask again, and again, until they don’t have any more questions.

Beat Down Bias

Maybe your prospect has been approached by five different friends about five different business opportunities, and it’s all starting to sound the same.

Perhaps they dabbled in a network marketing job five or ten years ago, and it didn’t work out.

They might fear whether they’ll be perceived as working a “real job,” or how they’ll overcome the same bias they have when approaching someone else.

It’s time to be frank. Listen to the objections and acknowledge where they came from. Because it’s true -- some people have been overwhelmed or burned out by direct sales schemes or poorly designed businesses.

But do you know what else is true?

You are different.

Your business is different.

Why? Because it’s yours. You’ve taken on a business mindset and you’re working hard to build something that’s real.

It’s not your prospect’s fault that they don’t see that -- yet. It’s your job to help them understand why your business, your opportunity, is different.

Realize Authenticity Breeds Trust & Respect

Being authentic and building trust is where you’ll really start to convert a No to a Yes.

As your prospects observe you and get to know you over time, they’ll realize you’re not just pushing a sale - you’ve got their best interests at heart.

True, your business depends on customers; but ultimately, you’re here to share your story and help your prospect build toward their goals.

A big part of building trust is acknowledging the work involved in your business. It’s easy to make assumptions based on Instagram posts and perceptions of work-from-home lifestyles; your prospect might think your business offers an easy alternative to the standard 9-5.

If you want to be trusted, you need to be clear: this isn’t a get-rich scheme. It’s a job. And just like in any other job, they’ll have to work to succeed. Once they accept this, they're on the right track.

Own Your Leadership

Being a boss is not only about the work -- it’s about how you present yourself.

Do you apologize for your business, or are you confident about the work you do, how you do it, and why?

When you share your story, do you come to the point from the back end, or are you up-front and direct about your business opportunity or products?

Are you finding ways to give back in your community, whether by mentoring, volunteering, or donating time, goods, or money?

As a leader - because that’s what you are, whether or not anyone else sees it yet - it’s about the entirety of your story.

By taking charge of your business and your lifestyle, making no apologies when it comes to your business or your belief, you’ll give your prospects something to believe in themselves. Someone they can say “Yes” to without any hesitation.

How do you overcome a "No" and turn it into a "Yes?" Share your tip on our Instagram and Facebook pages!

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