How To Get Motivated
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Feeling lazy, discouraged, or just struggling to get going? It happens to everyone!

Just because you feel a lack of motivation, doesn’t mean you have to act like it. Today we’ll share 5 ways to get motivated and get you back into your groove of successful business building!

Get some endorphins

Daily activity is a common habit of successful people, and it’s been shown that moving your body every day will help you succeed in other parts of your life. You don’t have to run a marathon or crush a spin class to be active - it could be as simple as a walk around your block or have a private 2-song dance party in your kitchen.

If you’re feeling stuck, get moving.

Start your day with a workout, or break away for a mid-morning walk with a friend. Enlist your kids or double down on naptime with a workout video on your TV. The more you help your body FEEL strong, the more mental clarity and energy you’ll be able to bring to your business.

Do One Thing

Overwhelmed by your to-do list? Can’t decide what to do first?

Pick one thing.

Just one.

If you’re really having a slow day, accomplishing one thing well can make you feel better about yourself. You’ll know you completed an important task, and even if everything else fell apart or couldn’t get done today, you can have the satisfaction of completion for the thing you choose. One of the most common ways we hurt our productivity or create unnecessary stress it through multi-tasking or cramming too much into a short time. Pick one thing, do it well, then move on.

Revisit Your Why

What is driving you?

If you’re not regularly checking in on your why -- your purpose for what you’re doing -- it’s easy to forget the reason for your effort.

If your why feels too out of reach, too big to connect with, you need to find an intermediate step. Working toward a big goal is incredibly motivational, but seeing actual, concrete success along the way will keep you going even when you’re feeling discouraged.

Take a look at your Why and see if you can break it down into something that feels in reach -- then post that goal somewhere you can’t miss seeing it each and every day.

Get Out

The place you work is powerful.

Your environment sets the tone for your day. If it’s cluttered, you may struggle to overcome distraction. If it’s neat and tidy, it’s easier to sit down and dive right into work.

How about inspiration? Does your desk look out the window at your yard, or are you starting at a blank wall or TV screen?

The other half of this equation of work space is variety. If you’re feeling stuck, a change of workplace can be powerful. Take your laptop to the local coffee shop, or find a bench in a beautiful garden to send some text messages. By changing your pattern of WHERE you work, you’ll give your brain some motivation to change the energy you’re giving TO your work.

Call Your Power Partner

Still stuck? Tried all of these tricks and you just aren’t feeling like working?

It’s time to call your power partner, your accountability buddy, or your upline. You need some positive words and encouragement -- and this is one of the things these people are here for. A friend or business partner will help you see through your temporary discouragement and refocus on what you’re working for…..and why it matters.

How do YOU find motivation to make every day your best day? We want to hear your tips and tricks! Tag us in your posts on social media, or leave a comment on our Facebook or Instagram page!

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