What Does Freedom Mean To You?
What Does Freedom Mean To You?
TraktivityWhat Does Freedom Mean To You?
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How does your Direct Sales career give you freedom?

It’s the week of the 4th of July here in the United States, so beyond stocking our fridges, prepping for BBQs, and maybe buying some sparklers, we’re thinking about freedom.

Freedom means something different to everyone.

For one person, it might be the freedom to stay at home and raise their children without leaving to go to an office each day.

For another person, it might be the ability to pay off student loan or credit card debt faster, to open up other possibilities for using money sunk in debts.

A third person might want to bring in more income to pay for childcare or other services to make working their chosen primary career more streamlined.

Someone else might wish to have more income to donate to causes they believe in, or to volunteer in their community or around the world.

No matter what freedom means to you, adding a direct sales business to your life is an incredible way to create it. Here’s why:

Direct Sales Lets You Set The Pace

With a desk job, or an hourly job, you’re not in control. You may need to work weekends, evenings, holidays, or even when you’re feeling ill (or have a family member under the weather).

With Direct Sales, you have to dedicate time to your business - but it can be time of your own choosing, at your own pace. You can work around days you need to care for a sick child, or a family vacation. Your business will grow as a direct result of the time you put into it -- but you can set the parameters.

Direct Sales Gives You Tools & Teamwork

With a new business, you have a lot of tasks - how to get the word out, what to tell people about your products, even where to set up shop. With Direct Sales, you’re getting a turnkey business that you can run out of your home, and you’ll have built-in mentoring, resources, and more at your fingertips. Instead of spending additional time seeking the professional development tools and advertising materials you need, you can use what’s already provided, saving you both time and money!

Direct Sales Encourages a Positive Lifestyle

More than many other entrepreneurial ventures, direct sales helps you take control of your attitude and your life. You’ll be building your own business, but doing so alongside friends, partners, and colleagues. You’ll have encouragement at every step of the way, people to cheer you on, and a supportive environment in which you can grow and succeed. Unlike other industries where competition may be built-in, in a direct sales team, everyone succeeds with the success of one member of the team, so it’s a great atmosphere of encouragement and support!

Direct Sales Is Democratic

Direct Sales doesn’t require you to have a fancy degree, special training, or a ton of start-up cash. It just requires you to share something you love with the people in your life.

This means that anyone -- literally anyone -- can succeed in a direct sales gig.

To us, we see no better definition of freedom -- opportunity for all, regardless of background, based only on will.

How could YOUR Direct Sales career give you freedom?

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