How to Find Your Dream Team
TraktivityHow to Find Your Dream Team
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One of Traktivity’s features is the ability to designate your Dream Team - those contacts who you just know would help your team expand and reach the highest levels of success.

But when you’re just getting started, how do you know who should be on your Dream Team?

You might be tempted to think of your closest friends, or the people you feel most comfortable approaching about the business -- even if they aren’t really the type of person you NEED on your Dream Team.

So how can you pick? Here are a few key questions you can ask to start narrowing down your elite list of prospects.

What’s Their Why?

Notice we don’t ask what they do now, or how much they know about your product. Instead -- just like with you, it’s all about the motivation.

Some of the most successful network marketing leaders might not “look” like it -- they might be juggling small kids in a single-parent home, or have only a small amount to invest in getting their business off the ground. They might be busy and pulled in a million directions.

But these people -- the ones with a deeply motivating why that pushes them to earn, succeed, and build a successful career and lifestyle -- are the people most likely to take their businesses to the top.

If you can pinpoint four or five contacts with a strong why, and help show them how your business offers a solution to their problem, you’re on track to recruit a Dream Team member!

What’s Their Reach?

When you’re building a team, you want to think about connecting with the widest possible assortment of potential customers or future partners. So while it may be tempting to recruit your best friend since childhood -- and you absolutely should -- a Dream Team member should have a community and network that expands in places yours does not. Whether that means a friend who lives in another town or a mover and shaker who’s tied into different community organizations, consider how your Dream Team partner will expand your overall ability to get your awesome product into the hands of interested prospects!

How do their strengths compare to yours?

Everyone has different things they do well. Some network marketers are experts at social media, while others are engaging public speakers.

While you don’t have to identify Dream Teamers based on your differences, it can be a handy way of deciding who will best complement you as you work to build your business together. Give some consideration to your own strengths and weaknesses, and consider your network and who you admire with skills you’re lacking. Not only will your new partners skills offset yours, he or she might be just the mentor you need to build your own abilities!

What’s their attitude?

Attitude is everything when it comes to building a business and working on a team. Your Dream Team members don’t have to see eye-to-eye with you on everything -- but you’ll want to bring on people with a can-do, positive attitude and a willingness to do the work.

How have you identified YOUR Dream Team?

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