4 Ways to Beat Your Fear
4 Ways to Beat Your Fear
Traktivity4 Ways to Beat Your Fear
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What part of building your business scares you?

Is it the big goals you’ve set that you fear might be out of reach?

Maybe it’s picking up the phone for that first call with a new contact.

Does public speaking make you tremble and shake?

The truth is, everyone is afraid of something. Recognizing your fears is the first step to overcoming them.

Today, we're exploring 4 ways you can beat your fear -- whether it’s rooted in recruiting a new partner or sharing your story with a new crowd of people.

Only Do Your Part

It’s not your job to sell the entire story of your company and your success all in one encounter.

Your role is to tell your story and plant a seed. Your company has resources to help you communicate with your prospects - videos, promotions, articles, and more. Don’t take on the burden of explaining every single thing about why your business is the best -- not only will you always forget something and be too focused on remembering details to truly connect, it’s guaranteed to overwhelm your prospect!

Over time, you’ll learn through trial and error, mentor feedback, and your own intuition which approach works best with a new prospect. Adopt that technique, share your story or the teaser of why you love your business, and leave the prospect curious to know more.

Do It Now

Have you heard of the two-minute rule? A famous productivity hack that was first popularized by David Allen in Getting Things Done, this rule tells you that if you can achieve a task in approximately two minutes - or less - just do it. By putting off short tasks, you don’t make progress and you accumulate the mental clutter of uncompleted items.

It might not be easy, but if it’s under two minutes, it’s probably not too hard. Sending an outreach message to the new person you met last night, making a short phone call to ask someone out to coffee, or following up with a customer who hasn’t been responsive - each of these tasks can be completed in just a few moments and will move you toward your goals.

The trick to this is not overthinking it. It’s not common for an invitational phone call to turn into an interrogation about your business - so why get nervous?

The more you do short, necessary tasks like this, the easier they will become. So, do it now!

Focus on the Next Phase - Not the Final Phase

Often fear comes from the overwhelming prospect of getting a stranger to buy into your business.

But, here’s the secret - you’re not trying to recruit or sell to strangers.

You’re working to make strangers become friends -- or at least colleagues -- and then, once the relationship is established, to bring them onto your team in a way that makes sense.

One of the biggest ways you can succeed in your business is by being authentic, and authenticity is rooted in accepting a step-by-step process. Focus on moving your prospect or contact to the next step of the process, whether that’s trying a sample, joining a three-way call with your mentor, or attending a business event.

One step at a time, and eventually the next step will be a new business partner or a happy customer!

Remember You're Sharing an Opportunity - not an Obligation

Why are you really here, doing this work?

Everyone’s why is different -- but we’re guessing you’re not here to bully your friends and contacts into something that’s not right for them.

You’re probably not here to become the annoying person who is always pushing the business, even after they’ve been told that someone isn’t interested.

You’re here to share a story that’s changed your own life, in big or small ways. You’re here to share an opportunity. You’re here to open the door to anyone else who might want that same potential to change their life, one day at a time.

Once you reframe what you’re here to do, the fear will start to melt away. After all - what’s scary about inviting someone to explore the thing that’s made your life better? If it’s not right for them, they can always just walk away and know that you’ll respect their choice.

How have you overcome fear in your own business? What are your best tricks for gaining confidence in your work? Share your stories on our Instagram & Facebook pages!

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