New Product? New Partners!
New Product? New Partners!
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3 Reasons Why a New Product Launch is the Best Time to Join a Network Marketing Team

Hey there #TRAKstars! So we’re usually here on our blog sharing practical tips and tools you can use to grow your network marketing business. But today, we’re flipping the script and focusing on the newbie. Share this post with someone you’ve been prospecting to help show them why NOW is the best time to join your team! Or, if you’re the one who’s been thinking about starting a network marketing biz, read on for our top 3 reasons why you should start your business during a new product launch period!

People Love Suspense & Surprises

We’ve said it before, but the best way to succeed in network marketing is NOT to pressure your friends and family into buying your product. You'll succeed by creating a sense of enthusiasm and excitement around your business, so that people become naturally curious and want to see what you’re doing (and how much fun you’re having!)

If you know that a product launch is coming, you can build some extra suspense as you prepare for your business launch.

(Mentors -- make sure you tell your best prospects that something’s on the way and explain how it’ll help them have a solid start!)

You’ll want to follow the lead of your upline on how you share about the new product -- nothing is worse than messing up and sharing something before you should. But, you can share a video story without specifics, or a photo of an unboxing without showing the product. You can start to plant seeds in your network of followers and prospects, so that once your new product arrives, they’re already primed and eager to see what it is (and to place an order!)

People Want To Be A Part Of Something New

Once you’ve built the suspense and have a list of people who want to know what’s coming, it’s time for your actual new product launch!

Take advantage of the newness and layer on even more (positive) pressure to encourage the sale. How to do this? Advertise a bonus for the first 3-5 orders (or a number that feels right to you.) You want to make this an exclusive so that your first buyers feel like they really got something special -- so be sure to follow through with your delivery, including a handwritten note of appreciation or some other token that shows you care.

Another way to encourage a purchase is to make your buyers feel like a part of the excitement. Ask them to tag you in a story or a post then re-post to your own network. Send out surprise samples. Call out your best customers or business partner prospects and give them some public love. Maybe even surprise a stellar customer with a free gift of your new product!

You'll Start Ahead

So with all of these practical tips, why is a new product launch the best time to join a network marketing team?

You’ll have extra support with your upline focused on spreading the word of the launch as widely as possible.

You’ll have extra momentum and interested buyers new to your company to help propel your sales even further.

You’ll leverage the excitement of the company and roll that into your business launch so you have even more reach than normal.

You may qualify for special incentives from your team or your company for sales and achievements during the launch period (on top of any quick start programs already existing!)

There are so many reasons why a new product launch is an opportunity for new and experienced network marketers alike. Want more tips? Check out our other posts on how you can maximize a new product launch!

Network marketers -- what are YOUR favorite parts about a new product launch? Are you taking advantage of new products as a recruiting tool by sharing these reasons with your top prospects?

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