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TraktivityCreating Your Personal Brand
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When you’re building a social commerce business, you rely on your network of friends, contacts, and connections in both the real world and the digital arena. So, your digital persona -- often called your personal brand -- is an important piece of your strategy.  Are you paying it enough attention, or do you post haphazardly, advertising specials and events while you scatter in some lifestyle posts here and there?

We’re here to help you grow a successful business and maximize the potential of your social network. To start with, here are five ways to start honing in on your personal brand:

Understand Your Goals

Why are you using social media? Do you want to sell online, connect with more people in your area, build partnerships with other businesses, become an influencer? You can’t create a brand until you know what you’re trying to communicate.

Look at your Models & Competition

What accounts do you follow that inspire you and align with your own activity? Choose 1-2 posts from 5 accounts you idolize, or from your harshest competitors, and identify what your version of that ideal post would be.

What Makes You Special?

There’s something about you that sets you apart from everyone else on the planet. That special something will be a key feature in your social media brand. Maybe you’ve got a cute dog and defacto mascot to help boost your posts. Perhaps you’re a talented photographer and like to stage unique and artistic snaps. Something about you is different, and special, and will set you apart from the crowd for your ideal network.

What’s Not Authentic To You….and what is?

Hate photos of people’s meals? You don’t need to post this (unless you’re trying to get famous as a food blogger….) Not keen on sharing sparkly, inspirational quotes? You don’t have to. What you do need to do is figure out what feels authentic and share this consistently. After all, the most important word in “personal brand” is personal. People follow you online to be inspired, connected, and informed. You don’t have to share everything, but be sure what you do share is authentically you.

Present A Consistent Profile

No matter if you’re present on one social platform or dozens, you want to be consistent. Once you’ve got a good grasp on your goals, your competition, and your unique perspective, use this information to create a consistent visual experience across all platforms. We’ll dig into this more in a separate article, but for now, start with two things -- a consistent profile photo that shows off your authentic self, and a consistent name. This may be as simple as updating your Facebook and Instagram accounts so they share the same username, but take a look at your active accounts and create a consistent foundation.

We’ll be back soon with more tips on how to build your personal brand by leveraging social media, so {get in touch}( with your questions, concerns, or requests.

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