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One of the most exciting ways to build enthusiasm, momentum, and expertise for your business is to attend your annual event, training, or convention!*

If you’re new to your business, it might seem like a big commitment - in time, in money, or even in advance planning. Attending this event, though, is one of the best things you can do for your growing business.

Here’s why you should attend - and a few ways you can prepare to make the most of your experience!

First, Get Excited

Meet the highest achievers

People watch the Olympics to see the best athletes perform; they watch the Oscars to see those who excel in their craft of acting, costume design, and more. Well, convention is similarly a chance not only to see, but to meet, engage with, and learn from the highest achievers in your company. Convention is usually designed with a combination of learning opportunities, motivational events, and casual opportunities to chat, ask questions, and build relationships. When you’re chatting with the best of the best, no doubt some of their wisdom and experience will transfer to you!

Learn More

Advances in research, new products, consumer reviews, and more -- at convention you’ll learn about what’s new in your company, why you should know it, and how you can share it with your customers, prospects, and teammates. This opportunity to condense a ton of valuable knowledge into just a few short days is unique, and something you shouldn’t miss!

Be Energized

It’s impossible to walk away from convention without a burst of energy and a newfound passion to grow your business. You’ve got new tools, new connections, and a revitalized belief in what you’re doing and where it can take you!

Now, Get Prepared

Explore Attendance Incentives

Some companies or teams offer an opportunity to win or earn a ticket to your convention. If this is an option for you, make sure you explore it thoroughly -- not only will the actions you take likely help build your bottom line along the way, if you can attend for free -- or with enhanced options, benefits, or swag -- that’s a win!

Save In Advance -- From Your Profits!

Unless you’re needing to buy tickets immediately, you can plan ahead and set aside a percentage of your income each month from your business for the convention tickets. Attending convention is a clear business development expense - an investment in yourself and your future. Save for this over time and it'll be easier when you have to write that check.

Plan To Be Present

Convention can be overwhelming, with lots of events and even more people. Especially if you’re an introvert, it might be tempting to take a break for an afternoon or sleep in for a morning coffee break.

Don’t do it!

Convention is one time to show up and make the most of EVERY opportunity. If you need to build in some recovery time, plan to take an extra day off after you get home, to rest up before you dive back into everyday life.

While you’re at convention, have your business brain in full gear. Take notes during events and workshops, introduce yourself around to new faces, meet with leaders or corporate management, if you have the opportunity. Set goals and leverage the event’s energy to dream bigger than you have before!

How are you building your business today, so you can attend your convention tomorrow? Share your tips, stories, and best moments with your fellow TRAKstars on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

*we’ll call it a convention, although the terminology may vary depending on your particular business line.

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