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Sometimes, it’s easy to see the growth in your business. You’re enrolling new customers and bringing on new business partners at a pace that meets or even exceeds your expectations. Everything is going right and you’re seeing immediate results that pay off.

Other times, that’s not the case. You’re doing the work, logging the calls, building your network, and showing up day after day - but you don’t feel like you’re making any headway.

In times like these, the most important thing is to keep doing the core things that drive your business forward. Even if you can’t see the progress, things are happening in the background. Your actions will lead to results, even if they don’t happen immediately. After a hard winter, it’s difficult to imagine the incredible blossoming you’ll see in the spring until it suddenly fills your view everywhere you look. So do the work even when things seem stagnant, and you may be surprised when the seeds you’ve planted explode into life. Here are a few more ways to cultivate and drive growth -- even when it seems invisible.

Set Goals That You Control

If you’re struggling to meet goals that depend on others, shift your focus -- but not your intensity -- to goals that YOU can control. Instead of a goal to enroll 5 new customers, set a goal to meet 15 new people. Rather than hoping for 100 new social media followers, resolve to comment and build engagement with your 15 top social connections. Think about what actions have been successful for you in the past, and make these the core of your work.

Try Something New

Sure, what you’re doing now has worked in the past. Keep doing it! But at the same time -- why not explore a new approach?

Not using video on social media? Create a short video about why you’re passionate about your product.

Never held a virtual event before? It’s time! Here's how!

Go back to your top customers and ask for referrals. You may have done this before, but have you asked again recently? And for that matter, when’s the last time you reconsidered which of your customers might be ready to make the leap to launching their own business, and chatted with them about the possibilities? (A CRM tool can be helpful in tracking this type of data, so you don’t have to!)

Feed Yourself First

Sometimes, your business may feel stagnant because you’ve lost some enthusiasm, or you’re not feeling the rush of the new and the result of building momentum. Why not inject some excitement from another direction?

Buy yourself a new book to inspire your own journey, or enroll in an online course that will give you a fresh perspective on how you can connect with prospects. Personal and professional development is not only critical for your own mental health and well-being, it’s a huge factor that sets aside the most successful businessowners from those who get lost along the way. Without quality inputs and ongoing support to your professional knowledge, how can you expect your business to grow?

Revisit Your Why

If all else fails and you’re feeling low, take some time to revisit your Why and remind yourself why you’re building this business in the first place.

While reconnecting with your Why may not result in immediate growth, you’ll be able to step back and look at the bigger picture: maybe you’re not yet meeting your income goals, but you DO have much more time at home with your kids. Whatever your situation, revisiting your Why will help you to regain some of that initial energy and remind you of the stakes - after all, you’ve chosen this business for an important reason, and with the full force of your energy and commitment, you’re on the path to success.

How do you overcome doubt and reassure yourself during a period of invisible growth? Share your tips with our TRAKstar community on our Instagram and Facebook pages!

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