Be Authentic While Using A System
TraktivityBe Authentic While Using A System
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One of the great things about building a business alongside your team or mentor is your ability to benefit from the lessons others have learned. Whether this means imitating your leader’s successful social media post, being coachable in how you connect with prospects, or using Traktivity’s scripts to get your conversation started with a Dream Team contact, sometimes it can feel hard to strike the right balance between using a proven system and feeling like yourself.

Here are some of our favorite techniques for building authentically -- without leaving helpful resources or lessons on the table!

Use Models Wisely - And Give Credit Where It’s Due

If your leader’s got a great social media graphic or promo going on, don’t be shy about using it on your own feed. If your leader’s given you permission, and you feel like it’s consistent with your own brand, then just hit publish! But if you feel like it’s a little outside of your comfort zone, be transparent -- call out the inspiration that your teammate gave you, and tag them in your post. This way your friends will see you giving credit where it’s due, and will realize you’re building with the support of a bigger team!

Let Scripts Help You Find Your Voice

We’re all about giving you scripts to work with here at Traktivity. But something we love even more is when you take these scripts and tweak them to fit your situation, your voice, and your story. We know sometimes conversations are hard, and you can’t quite find the words -- that’s when scripts have your back. And we’re confident that the more you connect and talk about your business - from laying out the opportunity to answering tough questions - you’ll outgrow the scripts and feel authentic in your own voice.

Acknowledge It & Point To The Benefits

Let others know you’ve got a sense of humor and self-awareness about what you’re doing. If you feel like you’ve been relying on company resources or not being your most authentic self, turn it into an asset. You can use this scenario to demonstrate how much support you’re getting from your team, your business partners, your leaders, or your company -- and ensure prospective partners they'll benefit from the exact same thing!

Remember that Successful Lifestyle Marketing is Based on Trust

People don’t want you to know all of the answers. They don’t need you to be perfect. In fact, sometimes you’re more likely to connect when you can demonstrate your imperfection. The most important thing you can do is to be honest - about your story, your experiences, and why you’re doing what you’re doing. People might not always agree with you about the opportunity or the product -- but they’ll respond more positively to a mismatch than they ever will to a lie. Be honest, and let your life speak for itself. If you need to share a story that you haven’t lived yet -- find a partner or a leader willing to share, and let their truth speak to your audience.

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