The 1% Solution for Your Business
TraktivityThe 1% Solution for Your Business
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One of the most critical tools for building a successful business is your network of contacts. And ultimately, success comes down to volume. The number of prospects you initiate contact with and the persistence of your follow-up will be the deciding factor in your business growth and success. The secret to success lies in the 1% solution.

This is why Traktivity uses a powerful algorithm that helps you meet daily and weekly goals to contact prospects and reconnect with potential partners.

Here are some powerful ways your volume and frequency of contact is tied to your potential for success:

Infographic about network marketing volume and filling the funnel

How many opportunities are you leaving on the table by giving up without one or two more conversations? What’s to lose by keeping these people on your list, and making an effort for a few more chances to discuss the opportunity?

It’s clear that adding to your Rolodex and connecting with prospects on a daily basis is one of the most powerful things you can do to grow your business. The more frequent and extensive your conversations, the higher the probability of your success!

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