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TraktivitySet The Stage For 2019
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How was your 2018, #TRAKstar?

We know -- you’ve still got a few weeks left to really squeeze all the goodness from this year. (And we hope it’s been good!) But it’s time to start thinking ahead. Will you be a #2019boss? What steps can you take now to start fast and furious when January arrives?

We’ve got a special something in store to help motivate you through the first month of the year -- but before we can start, we’ve got to reflect on what’s worked in 2018.

Take some time in the next few weeks and jot down your thoughts, reflections, and what you’ve learned during this last trip around the sun. Here are some questions to get you started!

What were your 2018 goals?

Look back and see what your annual, monthly, or occasional goals were. How did you keep track of your goals? Did this system work for you? Which of your goals did you achieve? Where did you miss the mark? And most importantly -- whether you succeeded or failed -- why did that happen?

Did your goals change mid-year?

We’ve talked about this before -- and it’s important to recognize that sometimes your goals change. Whether it’s because you met your goals earlier than expected, or because a huge or unanticipated life event threw you off track, reflect on whether you changed your goals intentionally mid-year, and why you did. Take these perspectives into mind when you set your 2019 goals!

When did you lose the most steam? When were you the most revved up?

Look back at your year and your activity levels month to month, and you’ll start to see some trends. Maybe you had a great month in the summer, when kids were on vacation and you were meeting new people every day at the pool, or camp, or around town.

Perhaps September was a really tough month, because the back-to-school schedule reset threw your system out the window and you had to rebuild some good habits.

Look at your business and its seasonal rhythms, then consider these highs and lows when you set your goals for 2019. You’ll be prepped for success when you aim for your biggest activity levels in the months you know you have the most energy and opportunity to connect; cut yourself a little extra slack in the tougher periods when you know your family or partner needs the limited energy you’ve got to give.

What worked best in your business?

In-person events? Online socials? One-on-one coffee dates? How about your tools -- Instagram, Facebook, Traktivity, MailChimp, Buffer, Zoom -- what tools are indispensable to your business? What tool could you ADD to make part of running your business simpler?

What are you most proud of?

Look back on your biggest hits of the past year, and celebrate them! You deserve to be proud of all of the time, effort, and energy you’re putting into this work. Share your achievements with your family, friends, or business partners, then encourage them to do the same.

What makes you the most frustrated or regretful? How can you change that next year?

We’ve all got at least one thing that we wish we’d done differently - whether it’s small or large, consider what frustrated you, what you would have changed, and what support, tools, or preparation would be needed to make that happen.

Can you add that necessary thing to your toolkit for 2019?

What life circumstances have changed?

Did you get married? Divorced? Have a baby? Quit your day job? Buy a house? Send a kid to college?

Life changes, and with it your business may also need to adapt. Recognize any major life changes in the past year -- or those on the horizon -- and acknowledge the extra space that may be coming or going in your life as a result.

Now then -- what are you thinking for 2019 goals?

No need to set these in stone just yet, but start to think about what your 2019 might hold! We’ll be back in the coming weeks with the resources you need to be a #2019boss and have your best year ever, so stay tuned in your inbox and on social for all the details and some fun bonuses, too!

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