Take Back Your Time This Season
Take Back Your Time This Season
TraktivityTake Back Your Time This Season
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Time management -- it’s tough!

Whether you’re juggling a day job + your side gig, or you’re fitting work around little ones at home, the challenge of making your time work for you gets even harder in the holiday season!

Ready to wrap up the year with focus and celebrate your holiday traditions without feeling torn in all directions?

Here are six key ways you can take back control of your time over the next few weeks and into the new year!

Put Family First

No matter what’s on your plate for work, this is a season when it’s important to be present -- at home, with your extended family, or your friends -- whatever traditions exist in YOUR life. Make sure that you’ve got time on the calendar for dinners with parents, Santa with the kids, a special date night with your partner, or a Friendsmas gift exchange party.

Once you’ve got these dates on your schedule, you’ll have a practical knowledge of what’s left over -- and you can start to prioritize and schedule the work that absolutely needs to get done now.

Respect The Calendar & Embrace The Reschedule Button

That calendar we mentioned above -- the one that lists your family functions and your work priorities? This is the time of year you MUST respect it. Say NO to anything else that tries to creep in.

Is saying no hard? Write yourself a cheat card and keep it in your wallet or on your desk.

Here’s one thing you could say: “Thank you so much for the invitation, but my calendar is full with my existing obligations and family commitments. Maybe we can meet in the new year?”

And don’t be afraid to reschedule things. Here’s the secret -- EVERYONE is busy this season, so you might even be helping someone else out when you ask to reschedule or cancel an event. Don’t let yourself get lazy -- but if you’re looking at your calendar and feeling stress and burnout, see if there’s one thing you can cancel or reschedule to after the holidays.

Revisit Your Why Every Day

The holiday season and end of year reflections often point more clearly than any other time to your Why.

Take the chance to embrace this and think about why you’re doing what you’re doing each time you pull up your chair to get working.

  • BulletIs your why to pay off debt so you can give your kids the Christmas of their dreams?
  • BulletIs your why a family cruise or experience trip next holiday season?
  • BulletMaybe your why is quitting your day job or scaling back the hours so you can be at home to enjoy the season all month long, instead of taking just a few days off.

No matter what your why give it some thought every day -- it’ll just help to motivate you even more!

Cut Some Slack

One of the great things about working on a team is encouraging each other in hard times, and cheering on success. But it’s also a great opportunity this time of year to be generous with your team. After all, you know they’re all as busy as you are - and while it’s important to stay focused and end the year with intensity, it’s also okay to give your teammates some grace if they’re not getting the same results as other times of the year.

Find a balance between encouragement and generosity, and you’ll be an even more respected and appreciated team leader!

Create Your “After” List

Before you set aside your work and your devices, take just a few moments to jot down the top three priorities for when you’re back at it -- whether it’s people to connect with, notes to send, or events to schedule. Your brain will be more able to relax once you’ve captured this important information, and you’ll have a jump-start task awaiting you after your time off. Walking away from work with a clear next step helps you have a smooth exit and re-entry to your working process!

Go Offline

Take the opportunity to truly unplug during your holiday celebrations -- and exercise your right to turn your phone off. Most of your contacts will be doing the same -- and you’ll be leading by example and demonstrating how your work and life let you steep in the goodness of the holiday season without distraction.

The messages will wait. The social posts aren’t that important. Set your electronics aside and be present with your loved ones this season. Your time to reconnect and rejuvenate will pay off when you’re ready to dive back in with even more energy once the new year arrives!

How do you manage your time this season?

Be sure to stay tuned as we wrap up 2018, #TRAKstar -- we've got something exciting in store to help you get your best start on the new year!

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