Adopt A Marathon Mindset
TraktivityAdopt A Marathon Mindset
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How do you look at your business?

Do you zoom way in and look at your daily task list, getting lost in the focus on checking boxes?

Do you zoom way out and dream about your goals, what your business might look like, someday?

If you’re like many business owners, you’ll fall somewhere in the middle. But having the right mindset is critical to consistently succeeding in your business and in your life.

It’s time to adopt a marathon mindset -- and here’s how.

Pursue Consistency First

Just like a marathon, building a successful business takes time and consistency. A runner wouldn’t expect to show up on race day without completing a training regimen -- or at least, wouldn’t expect to succeed with that plan!

No -- the successful runner, and the successful business owner, is consistent. A runner logs the hours no matter the weather. A business owner needs to put in the time, no matter how she might feel about the less exciting work. Consistency means pursuing revenue-producing activities, following up in a timely fashion, connecting with new prospects every day, and providing value to current customers to keep them happy!

A consistent training regimen, just like a consistent business practice, will set the foundation for success.

Set & Understand Your Goals

For a marathon runner, there are critical benchmarks along the way. These short-term goals might include completing a practice half-marathon or logging a certain number of long runs before race day.

Even though the ultimate goal is to finish the full 26.2 miles, this doesn’t mean that the interim goals are any less important.

The same is true for a business. Your end goal might be to have a large team working together to succeed. How do you reach that goal? You create lots of short-term goals - like talking to 50 new prospects at an event, or making a certain number of sales each month.

Just like a marathon runner, you might not always see immediate progress. The first time you run 20 miles, it might feel horrible. Your first month with new teammates might not reach your earnings goals. In both cases, you’ll have to spend more time training. But just as your legs grow stronger with each mile, your team grows stronger with coaching, nurturing, and time to build their own skills.

By understanding the critical importance of both short and long-term goals, you’ll set yourself up for a successful run.

Prepare to Adapt

Life happens. A runner tears a muscle in training. A freak snowstorm cancels a race. A business partner quits unexpectedly. An unexpected car payment reshuffles your finances so you can’t invest in your business as you planned.

A marathon mindset is prepared for obstacles and finds a way to redirect and adapt, instead of giving up completely. Broaden your perspective and when you’re faced with a setback, see if you can find another path toward your goal.

How do you adopt a marathon mindset in your work, or other parts of your life? Share your tactics with us on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to be featured!

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