5 Ways To Jump Start Your Week
Traktivity5 Ways To Jump Start Your Week
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Does Monday come too soon, and you feel like you're scrambling to just stay afloat?

You need a better system for starting up your work week. Here are 5 ways you can prepare for success and boost your productivity!

Know When Your Week Begins - And Prep The Day Before

Not everyone starts their week on a Monday. Maybe your Traktivity work schedule has you doing your work on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday -- or you’re balancing your work with a working partner, kids, and other commitments that calls for a non-traditional schedule.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Monday or YOUR Monday - rewind one day before your work week starts, and use this day to prepare.

The most successful people don’t just wake up at the beginning of the week, ready to dive right in; they’ve taken the time to think about their goals (short-term AND long-term), and identify the things they need to do in the week ahead to make progress toward these goals. And then, they execute on these priorities.

Create A Routine

Don’t get too hung up on the details here. A routine doesn’t have to be a monumental, 45-minute sequence of meditation, exercise, and a sparkling-clean kitchen. It can be as simple as a cup of coffee or tea while you sit quietly at your kitchen table, or a joke-filled 15 minutes spent over a bowl of cereal with your kids. Your morning routine is about starting the day on the right foot - so identity a few small actions you can take to make sure you look forward to getting out of bed and moving on with your

Give Preference To The Positive

If you know you’ve got some difficult tasks or clients to deal with this week, schedule those for your Monday afternoon. That way you’ll have the morning to set a positive footing, log some easy wins, or make some progress that lifts your mood and gives you the energy to face the more challenging things on your to-do list. But, by making sure these unpleasant tasks get checked off your list on Monday, you’re clearing your head of the stress of unanswered questions or unresolved conflict -- opening up the rest of your week for nothing but smooth sailing and success!

Delay The Inbox

Mondays have a way of taking off and suddenly, your to-do list is no shorter but you’ve gotten pulled into something unexpected. A great way to defend against this is to give your to-do list priority over your inbox. If something really urgent has come up over the weekend, it’s likely that the person would have called; waiting a few hours to get back to a Monday morning email is unlikely to cause any harm. So honor your own priorities, check a few tasks off of your list, and then read and respond to your email.

Make Something Simpler

Take care of your future self by doing something to help lighten your load later in the week. Maybe it’s running a load of laundry, packing two lunches instead of one so you can just grab your bag later in the week, or spending a few extra minutes to tidy up your bathroom so getting ready in the morning is easier and more pleasurable. By giving yourself this little Monday morning gift -- only a few minutes of time -- you’ll reap dividends later in the week when work gets busy and life gets hectic.

What are your best tips for starting your work week with a bang?

Are you using Traktivity yet to manage your to-do list and streamline your work schedule? If not, it might be the perfect time to start!

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