Goal Setting: Break It Down
Goal Setting: Break It Down
TraktivityGoal Setting: Break It Down
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Hey there dreamers. How’s January going so far? We’re halfway through the first month of the year, and I’ll bet you’ve made some good progress toward your goals. But what if you’re stuck? What if your new year energy is starting to fade? How can you take that big meaty goal and break it down into bite-size pieces?

Well, I’m here to cheer you on and offer you a few strategies to continue your forward momentum and make sure you stay on top of your goals this year. If you’ve been following along for our Goal-Setting series, first you created your framework and then found some resources to help guide you this year.

Today, we’ll look at how you can break down those big goals you’ve got, how to move ahead in smaller segments and sprints, and why it’s worth it to layer in some habits that will help you make progress.

Don’t Look at the Long Term

I’m all for setting big goals, but let’s be honest, it can be intimidating when you’re just starting out. Why not take that big goal and break it down into quarters or even months? Making 100 new connections sounds a lot more manageable than making 1200, right?

If you get too focused on the distance between where you are and where you want to be, there’s a decent risk that you’ll give up before you even start. Instead, be inspired by the words of the Talented Ladies Club, and create a series of realistic mini goals along the way. This way you’ll be able to see your progress and feel a sense of accomplishment month-to-month, instead of only seeing the distance you have still have ahead of you.

Revisit Your Goals Daily

One thing that many goal-setting experts swear by is writing your goals down and revisiting them daily. Maybe this means you put up a list on your bathroom mirror, or by your coffeemaker. Somewhere you’ll see your goals on paper each and every day, without having to make any extra effort or go out of your way.

Just the simple practice of reading your goals each day will help them to solidify in your mind and in your subconscious. When you’re out at the store and run into someone you haven’t seen in ages, maybe you’ll think of whether this person is a good fit to learn about your business. Perhaps when you’re tempted to sway from your schedule, you’ll find yourself motivated to get back on track and remember why you’re working so hard.

Regardless of how you make it happen, this is a simple step that can pay huge dividends.

And here’s a bonus tip -- once you’ve broken your goals down into shorter-term chunks, make both short and long-term goals visible on your reminder, or even better, create multiple goal prompts. Maybe you’ve got your annual goals posted next to your bathroom mirror to greet you each day, but you’ve got your monthly goals displayed next to the TV remote, so when you’re tempted to watch some Netflix, you’ll pause and think about checking one more thing off of your goal list first.

Think About What You Need

We talked about some resources last week, but you may find that you need assistance in one aspect or another of your work. Don’t be shy about getting the support you need. After all, businesses dedicate a certain amount of money to investments and capital. Why should your business be any different? Don’t throw funds around willy-nilly or get yourself into serious debt, but if there’s something that you need to really make headway, invest in it! Remember, this is your business, not a hobby.

Create a Daily Anchoring Habit

Many people journal or meditate daily, while others choose to exercise or even relax in a hot bath. Whatever you choose, this is a daily opportunity to get out of your head, reset your body or mind, and start the day with a fresh attitude and approach. If you can’t make time for it in the morning, it can be just as effective in the afternoon or evening. An anchoring habit will help you gain a fresh perspective, clear the to-do list clutter in your mind, and stop the wheels of activity from spinning with a purposeful pause.

There’s a reason why so many productivity giants swear by these practices -- because they work. Busy and struggling to find the time? It can start with just 5 minutes. Start your coffeemaker and sit quietly in the corner, or once the baby’s down for a nap, set your phone timer and write for a few minutes. Find a way to fit this small action into your day, and you’ll see the dividends it pays in every other part of your life.

How are you approaching this year’s goals and your vision for growth? Have you found other techniques that help you make progress? Share your stories on social and use #TRAKstar for a chance to be featured on our Traktivity Instagram page!

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