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The end of the month is the time to focus your energy on closing deals, tying up loose ends, and making sure you don’t leave any prospects on the table.

Whether you’ve met your goals, you’ve still got a ways to go, or you’ve even surpassed your expectations, plan some time on the last day of the month to check on any unfinished business, and make sure you finish strong.

Not sure what to do? Here are a few tips to help crush your month end.

Plan for it.

Month-end happens twelve times a year. Build in some extra time in the preceding days to review what’s happened that month, who you need to connect with, and what opportunities may be at your fingertips. Don’t let month-end sneak up on you - block some of your work time to focus on your month-end push!

Finish Your Follow-Ups.

If you had a conversation or a brief connection with someone, or you’ve got a fence-sitter who you know just needs a little reminder, make sure you connect before the end of the month. The gentle reminder may be just what they were waiting for to make a purchase.

Offer a Promo.

Choose a bonus or offer a discount for month-end purchases. People often feel positive pressures to react to limited time offers, so make sure they know about yours!

Ask for a Sale

Share a post or send an email letting your prospects and customers know that you’re close to achieving a goal -- whether it’s a promotion, a sales level you haven’t hit before, or another incentive. you'll receive. People want to help, so they may make an extra purchase if they know you’re working toward a goal.

Target likely customers with a giveaway

This isn’t for everyone -- after all, you need to be smart with your promotions -- but month-end is a great time to offer a free bonus with purchase. It’s also a great way to introduce new products to long-time customers placing a repeat order. Choose a few prospects and offer them a bonus with their purchase before month end.

Be Fun - and Authentic

Don’t spam your followers or prospects with dozens of social media posts or multiple emails. Vary your message and your medium, but keep the energy high and share your true enthusiasm for your product. Consider hosting a Virtual Event, post a video, or host a Q&A on your social account. Make it easy for your prospects to connect and express their interest -- then follow up, again, and again.

Say Thanks

If you got some great month-end orders, be sure you give them the appreciation they’re due -- don’t let yourself get so distracted by the next month and the goals you’ve set looking forward that you forget about who got you here. Taking a few moments to write a thank you or send a quick note to check in on the order will go a long way to guaranteeing your customers are satisfied - and more likely to reorder!

What are your top tips for end of month success? What pitfalls have you encountered at the end of the month?

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