5 Ways to Get More Referrals
Traktivity5 Ways to Get More Referrals
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A friendly referral from a happy customer is one of the most powerful leads your business can enjoy.

We’ve talked about the power of referrals and why you should be asking your best customers and happiest clients to connect you with their own friends and networks.

But how to go about it?

Here are five great ways to ask for referrals!

Keep It Focused

Don’t just ask your friends for their friends’ information. Instead, think critically about the type of person you’re looking for. If it’s a customer you want, then who is a good fit for your brand? If it’s a business partner, what are the qualities you’ve seen in successful partners? Maybe it’s someone with a background in sales or marketing, someone who is driven to bring in extra income each month, or someone who loves hosting events and planning parties.

By asking for a specific referral, you’ll do two important things: reassure your contact that you’re not going to spam their friends, and demonstrate that you’re taking your business seriously. Once you connect with the referral, be sure you let him or her know who referred them to you, and why their friend thought they’d be a great fit. It’s a compliment that goes both ways, and will help you connect with the new prospect more quickly.

Circle Back

If you’re making good progress with a referral, take some time to check back in with the person who referred you. He or she might realize that their referral could be a great first partner of their own. By giving them a chance to join your team with some immediate momentum of a positive referral, you’ve got a unique opportunity to grow your team and generate goodwill.

Create Your Own Referral Reward Program

Everyone loves a referral reward program. (Psst -- did you know Traktivity has one too?)

By creating your own referral program, you can reward people who give you a successful referral. This helps encourage them and will show them your appreciation, and that you’re not just there to make a sale or recruit a partner.

There’s a few options when it comes to your referral reward program -- and you can mix and match depending on who your referrer is and their own interest and values. Ideas include a product you know they love but haven’t yet tried (or don't think they can afford), a gift card to their favorite coffeeshop, or even cash! Remember that gifting your own product is a great way to introduce it to other prospects, but make sure it’s something the referring person will appreciate, so you don’t come across as just trying to push products on anyone and everyone.

Give Them An Easy Way

Some people would have a great community of referrals, but feel awkward about giving you a friend’s name or number. Make it easy for them to share by asking them to host a get-together with the people they think would be most interested!

If they aren’t the party-hosting type, consider other options like meeting with your friend and referral for a coffee, inviting a small group on a hike, or getting a group together for a show, museum event, or other cultural offering in your community.

Once you connect with the referral, it’s up to you to take it from there!

Be Grateful

It’s important to remember, acknowledge, and recognize the power of referrals. Be gracious and thank your contacts for their referrals. After all, they are trusting you with their relationships - so be worthy of that trust, and be professional in your communications. Once your contacts see that you value their referrals and treat them with respect, they’ll be comfortable sending future prospects your way, as well.

What are your top tips for gathering new referrals?

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