Business Mindset, or Hobby Mindset?
Business Mindset, or Hobby Mindset?
TraktivityBusiness Mindset, or Hobby Mindset?
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I’ve got a question for you today. How do you think about your business? Do you consider it a hobby, a side activity that gets the remnants of your attention, your time, and your effort after everything else has been done? Or do you think of it as a career, as a serious effort that requires the best of you? Have you adopted a business mindset? If not, let’s talk about why this is a critical step, and what you can do to embrace a business mindset.

Recognize Your Why & Create Your Plan

I talk a lot about understanding your why -- the purpose behind your passion. It’s because this is such an important step. Without knowing the reason for what you’re doing, it’s easy to get discouraged and disconnected.

Understanding your Why will also help you decide whether this business is the right path to achieving your goals. The bigger your Why, the more important it is to adopt your business mindset and take your work -- and yourself -- seriously.

Once you’re in touch with your Why, and you’ve decided to build your business, you need a plan. You might not know all of the steps -- in fact, right now, I can guarantee you won’t see what’s coming -- but if you can create an outline for where you want to be in 3 months, 6 months, or a year, then use that to shape your work schedule and priorities, you’ll be a big step ahead. This is also a great time to consult others for input. If you’ve got a friend or business mentor - either in your business, or another area - they can offer you some help and support in creating your plan.

Adopt The Business Mindset in All Parts Of Your Life

Once you decide to build your business, be confident and let it infuse all parts of your life. Talking to other moms on the playground? Don’t downplay your efforts, but let them know you’re building a business. They might want to support you or have connections they can put you in touch with.

Think about all of the ways you can make progress and build buzz. Utilize social media to share your successes, post flyers at the community center, order business cards. Be a professional. Posture yourself as a successful CEO, even if you’re just getting started.

Once you start believing you’re not “just a person with a side business” but “a businessperson”, you’ll be amazed at how the shift in perspective changes every part of your life.

Make Your Time Work For You

No doubt you’re a busy person and you’re already good at multitasking and time management. As you adopt your business mindset, you’ll want to hone these skills and be sure you carve out time for your business. This is a serious effort you’re making here, and it deserves more than 30 minutes during afternoon naps and an hour early Sunday mornings. Now, I know some of you are in a season of life where you just don’t have this kind of control -- but do your best to protect the time you have set aside for your business, and enlist those in your life who can help you, whether a spouse, a sibling, a babysitter, or a friend. Which leads me to….

Commit -- And Get The Commitment Of Your People

This is maybe the most important step along the way. You can’t do this alone. You’ll need the support and assistance of people in your life to help you, because things will come your way that surprise you -- both good and bad. Maybe you’ll get an amazing opportunity to present your business, but you’ll need a last minute babysitter. Perhaps you’ll find yourself depressed and discouraged at 1 a.m., and need your spouse to help you see all of the progress you’ve actually made.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to commit to your business early on, and show this commitment to the people in your life through your actions and repeated efforts. It’s also a good idea to sit down with your core people and explain what you’re doing, your why, and how they can help. You’ll be surprised at how much support will come your way if you only ask.

This can be a tough part of building your business. Maybe your marriage is at a rough patch, or your best friend just moved out of town. I’m not saying it’s easy, or that it will come overnight. But as much as you can do to build this circle of support and commitment, you’ll see the dividends as your business continues to grow.

Build Your Network. Build Your Network. Build Your Network.

Whatever field your business is in, you’ll need two things if you want to succeed --- revenue, and exposure. Your network is the foundation for both. So while I say it all of the time, there’s a reason why -- because building your network is possibly the most important thing you can do to support the growth of your business.

Once you can adopt your business mindset and see meetings and outreach as part of your business, and not just social outings or time spent talking to friends and new contacts, you’ll become more focused and more effective at making these connections and following up with them to take them to the next level. While supports the entire business mindset, this is where the tool really shines -- in helping you grow your network, and actually see the progress you’re making in adding new contacts and converting prospects to partners or customers.

So today, take a moment and think about your work and how you’ve been approaching it. If you’re not working with a business mindset, set aside some time and review these steps. Create a plan. Commit, and watch what happens.

I’d love to hear your stories about how your business mindset has fueled your growth. Share on social with #TRAKstar so your fellow entrepreneurs can learn from you, and support you as you grow!

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