Your Summer Strategy
TraktivityYour Summer Strategy
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It’s almost summer in the Northern Hemisphere - and whether you’ve got kids home on vacation or you’re just trying to beat the heat, there’s no doubt you need a summer strategy for growing your business.

Summer offers opportunities to connect with new people in new ways, and the chance to rethink how you’re approaching growing your network and building your business. Here are some tips on how you can make summer a successful season!

Sample It Up

Summer is a time that we’re naturally outside, visiting new destinations, and meeting new people. Maybe you’re having a staycation and finally checking out a new-to-you museum or beach. Or it’s a long hot day and your kids have begged you to go to the zoo, so you throw the family in the car and head over. No matter the purpose for your outing, be prepared! Chatting with another mom while you wait in line for ice cream? Hand her a sample with your business card. Paired up with a stranger for your usual tennis practice? Give him your card. Don't miss out on the chance to connect with new faces and expand your network!

Be a Gift-Giver

It’s the end of the school year -- and your kids’ teachers need gifts. Why not help them pamper themselves after a long year with a gift from your business? The same goes for other summer occasions where you need a gift on hand -- retirements, birthdays, and more.

Find the Young & Hungry

New college graduates? The perfect business prospect. These young folks are hungry for growth, have a big network, and might be make your best new business partner. You can explain how your business helped pay off your student loans -- maybe they’re interested also?

Take Advantage of Travels

Many businesses aren't limited by geography. If this is true of your business, keep your eyes open when you’re on the road, either near or far. You never know where you may bump into the perfect business partner. Travelers are often tired from time on the road (or in the air), and may not have their favorite products or home comforts with them; offering a sample of something to perk their spirits can make a big impact. You can also take advantage of traveling and connect with strangers to explain how you got there - and why your business lets you take trips like this one!

Stay Focused, and Respect Your Time

Summer schedules can cause upheaval to the routine -- the work schedule you’re used to is thrown out the window with summer camps, special occasions, travel, and more. Not to mention, you’ve earned some time off and want to enjoy it!

It’s important to stay focused, and be intentional about your work time during the summer. If you know you’ve got a long holiday weekend up ahead, carve out some time in the days just before and after to do more of your detailed work. Build in play-dates, outings, and babysitting (if you need to) to ensure you can take work breaks or devote some time to your business each day. Re-calibrate your daily and weekly goals, if you need to, but make sure you keep respecting the time you need to do the work and treat your business like a business!

Help Your Team Keep Up Momentum

Your team will follow your lead, so be sure you’re holding summer events, challenges, training, and fun gatherings! Set the pace and lead by example by showing how you're growing this season. And make some time to gather and connect! You’ve all worked hard, and you don’t want to ease off now -- but it’s also important to take some time to celebrate what’s happened so far this year and set the stage for what’s still to come. This type of cultivation and intentional gathering will also help you build a stronger team.

Give Yourself a Little Space

Summer’s long days and warm weather give us an important reminder to take care of ourselves and soak in the pleasures of the season. Do keep your mind on your work, but give yourself a little space and freedom to enjoy the summer, too. A refreshed entrepreneur is more likely to be a productive entrepreneur! So if you find you’re spinning your wheels and you just need a day off to drink something fruity at the pool -- give yourself that option. You’ll be back the next day, inspired and ready to dive back in.

What are your techniques for succeeding over the long, hot summer?

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