Take Your Business To The Beach
Take Your Business To The Beach
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Welcome to March!

We’re over here trying to figure out what happened to February and how this year is flying by already -- but we’re also gearing up for some spring break fun! Ready to maximize your business, whether you’re heading somewhere warm & sunny or you’ll be staycationing in the cold? We’ve got you.

Here are our top tips on how you can grow your business during spring break season!

Traveling? Boost Your Product & Your Business

If you’re lucky enough to go somewhere fun for spring break, make sure you’re sharing HOW that’s happened. Remember, one of the best ways to bring people onto your team is to create an experience they want for themselves! So when you’re sharing pics of your margaritas or your kids playing at the pool, make sure to give a shout-out to how your business helped you pay for the plane tickets, or show off the sweet beach towel you won from a company contest. You’ll be living your best life and showing others how your business has literally let your dreams come true. It’s infectious!

The other thing to do here is to showcase your products in real life. Travel size skincare? Snap a picture of your packed bags, or the sweet bathroom at your hotel, or your must-haves in your beach tote. Don’t make it a feature -- just make it a normal part of your vacation photo sharing. Of course, you’ve got your must-have products with you on the go. You’re living your business and showing your authentic love of the products.

This works for all kinds of business types. Fitness coach? Brag on how your routine got you beach-body ready (however YOU define that!) Wellness products? Talk about feeling good on the road, beating illness on the airplane, or the way you make sure your body reacts to the tacos and beer you’re feeding it on your vacation routine.

Find a way that you’re including your products into your on-the-go lifestyle and make sure your community can see this in action. It’ll give a boost to your business and make your prospects wonder what they might need to add to their own travel routine.

Help Your Customers Have Their Best Beach Life

Whether or not you’re going somewhere fun for spring break, we’re betting some of your customers and prospects are!

Use this as a chance to check in and offer up some spring break solutions! Sunscreen, travel-sized items, special date-night clothing or makeup, or a last-minute boot camp to whip them into shape are a few things that might be more attractive than usual to these customers.

Think about running a promo for your customers headed to the sun and help them prepare for the best experience. It’s a great way to increase your sales as you head from winter into spring!

Bring The Fun Home

Staying at home for spring break? We bet you’re in good company. Use the extra time off school or work to hold a fun event and give the stir-crazy parents stuck at home with crazy kids something to look forward to this week!

Host a gathering at your place, or rent out a local wine bar or coffee shop for something different. Consider partnering with your favorite local businesses to make it a bigger event that will appeal to a broad crowd. Make it FUN and focus on the stay-cation crew!

Gifts & Giveaways

Spring Break Fever is real and it’s a great time to have a bonus buy gift or share a giveaway. People might be in the market for something new to try, or feeling bored of their routine after a long winter. How can your business help them shake it up?

Use this time to reach out to on-the-fencers or previous customers who haven’t been back for any reorders lately. Share what’s new, send out some samples, and make people feel special during this seasonal shift. You’re planting seeds for the summer and you never know who might be ready to start a new chapter in their life and join your team!

Power Hour It Up

Whether you’re on the road or staying home, find some time to invest in your business during your spring break season with some power hours.

On the plane? Perfect time to update your contact list and log some reachouts. (No WiFi? Queue those messages to send the next time you reconnect!)

Taking the kids to the indoor pool while they’re out of school? Hire one of those high schoolers to watch them and use this block of time to knock out a few business conversations.

Staying local with your best girls? Set up a team training or ask for an accountability partner to help you get some massive actions logged. Reach out to more people each day than you ever have before, or challenge each other to have a business conversation with 10 new people. Make margaritas and imagine you’re on a beach somewhere while you make major progress toward your business goals.

How are you preparing for spring?

What tips or techniques help you make the most of traveling or school breaks? Share your success stories with your #TRAKstar community on our social accounts!

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