3 Quick Ways To Boost Your Business TODAY
Traktivity3 Quick Ways To Boost Your Business TODAY
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Growing your network marketing business is all about repeated connections with prospects.

Making calls, logging reachouts, sitting down face to face -- the more you’re able to connect with each prospect about your business or products, the greater the likelihood that you’ll reach your desired result. Sometimes, though, it’s easy to feel like you’re a broken record repeatedly calling the same people without making progress. When you start to feel that way, it’s helpful to take a break and do something different -- that will still help fuel your business!

Today’s post gives you three quick wins you can you TODAY to boost your business -- without picking up the phone or sending a single email.

Leave 10 non-business related comments on Instagram or Facebook posts

You’re a complete person, and your business isn’t the only thing you care about. Showing this to your prospects through authentic actions is a great way to build your reputation as an entrepreneur and a friend -- not just a pushy salesperson.

Take 15 minutes and leave at least 10 non-business comments on Instagram or Facebook posts from your friends or prospects. Congratulate them on a successful 5k, compliment their home decor, leave a love note for their cute new baby. It doesn’t matter what you say, but the fact that you say it. Not only will your comments build a better relationship with the other person, they’ll help the algorithms that drive social media understand that you care about seeing -- and being seen -- by these people.

Make a habit of engaging on friend’s social posts every week, if not every day.

Make a lifestyle video or post that’s business-adjacent but NOT sales driven

How much of what you share and post on social media is focused on your business, promotions, or products?

We’re betting you’re sharing a good amount -- but this is where it’s important to remember that people are drawn to you as an individual, and are interested in your lifestyle that includes your business. If you start to turn into a one-person advertising network, you’ll lose interest quickly.

So, take a few minutes and make a video about your day, or share a post about something fun in your life that’s not sales related -- but business adjacent.

Maybe you want to talk about your morning spin class -- and you end the video with a little comment about how you love getting to go to the 10am class now that you don’t have to fit it in before or after your day job. No need to explain why -- just share the moment of gratitude then move on to your next thought.

Or, maybe you post a review of your latest clothing purchase and shoot the photos creatively -- capturing your coffee mug that’s branded with your business logo, or a product you use every day on top of your dresser.

The point here is to keep the focus on you and your lifestyle -- not your business. However, your posts can gently remind people of the role your business plays in your everyday life, without ever mentioning a sale, an opportunity, or an event.

Research upcoming events in your community and put one on your calendar.

No matter if you live in a big city or a small town, there’s probably more happening around you than you realize. We’ve talked about ways to get out there and meet new people before, so if you haven’t done so in awhile, it’s the perfect task to fill a few minutes. Check your calendar for some upcoming dates that are open, then do some scoping and see what appeals. Make sure you keep your business in the back of your mind and choose an event where you’re likely to run into people that fit into your ideal customer model -- but otherwise keep your eyes open for something outside of your normal pattern. After all, if you’re not meeting new people, you’re not going to have as many opportunities to grow.

What small action are you taking TODAY to help your business grow? Share your tips with us and leave a comment on today's Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter post!

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