Transform Your Network Marketing Biz with Gratitude
Transform Your Network Marketing Biz with Gratitude
TraktivityTransform Your Network Marketing Biz with Gratitude
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Do you have a gratitude practice?

Does your business have a gratitude practice?

It might seem strange for a business blog to talk about gratitude -- but the truth is, adopting an attitude of gratitude is one of the most powerful things you can do for your network marketing business.

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, today we’re sharing a few ways to build more gratitude into your business -- and your life!

"Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance." Eckhart Tolle

Make Gratitude Calls

Your prospects might be used to you reaching out to them about sales, promotions, or your business. While you’re doing it authentically, what would they think if you called or sent a message just to express your gratefulness for them?

Take some time this week and throughout the holiday season to make some gratitude calls. Thank your prospects, customers, and partners for being in your life, share a specific thing you appreciate about them, and don’t even mention the business. You’ll feel good, they’ll feel good, and it’s even more likely that they’ll listen closely the next time you DO make a business call.

Lead The Way

Model gratitude in the way you interact with your team members as well as your prospects. By showing your downline partners how to be a grateful leader, you’ll be helping instill a culture of gratitude within your team.

How can you do this? Maybe instead of an activity challenge this month, hold a gratitude challenge -- ask each team member to share on their social pages something they’re grateful for each week this month. Invite your local team members to a gratitude lunch or tea, treating them for what they do and who they are as critical members of your business.

The more you show your gratitude, the more your team will adopt gratitude as a way of being.

Keep It Simple

Many people get discouraged from a consistent gratitude practice because they take it too seriously.

We’re pretty sure you are grateful for the big things - your family, your friends, your business -- but gratitude practices can also focus on the little things. You can be grateful that your local coffee shop just added delicious holiday drinks to the menu. It's okay to be grateful that you got a pair of cozy new mittens for the colder weather. You can be grateful for a happy dog that greets you each day, or the view you see on your commute. Don’t overthink it -- if it makes your life fuller in any small way, it’s something to be grateful for.

The same thing goes for your personal gratitude practice. You don’t have to keep an ornate journal or write pages each day. Maybe you scribble one word on a piece of scrap paper and toss it into a mason jar each day. Perhaps it’s easier to gather your thoughts once a week or share something you’re grateful for over a meal with your family. Make it simple, and it’ll make an impact.

Shift from Recognition to Appreciation

When you recognize your top performers on your team, you’re encouraging performance, and that’s good! After all, your business needs constant growth to move in the direction you imagine.

But take at least one month a year and focus on appreciation, not recognition. Publicly appreciate everyone on your team -- even if their business is stagnant, or they’ve dropped off of their normal activity for awhile. You’ll infuse goodwill within your whole team, and you never know whether it might be just what your reluctant team member needs to jump start a new cycle of activity!

How Do You Cultivate Gratitude in YOUR Business?

Share your best practices, or what you're especially grateful for, in our social communities on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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