The Future of Growth is Trust
The Future of Growth is Trust
TraktivityThe Future of Growth is Trust
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Hi there TRAKstars! Today’s blog post comes to you from Jarad Garshnick, our President and co-founder of Traktivity. Jarad’s background in business development led him to see the potential in social commerce and sparked his passion for supporting entrepreneurs seeking growth and financial independence. Today, he’s here to share his vision and perspective on how social commerce is rapidly becoming a platform for success, and the power of building a business on trust.

Over one billion active Instagram users. More than 2 billion active Facebook users. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the future of customer connection is social.

Why is this so exciting?

Across my previous career in business development, I realized that people are ultimately looking for one thing - to buy products or services they need from someone they trust. Whether this trusted party is a friend, a neighbor, or a company or store they’ve come to know, it’s clear that we care about the who and why behind the what.

This opens up an incredible opportunity for the business owner who wants to meet this need.

As noted in a recent study, 70% of online consumers consider they can rely on product and brand recommendations from their social circle, just like they would do with friends and family. And, 74% of them even declare they use social media to make their purchase decisions.  It’s all rooted in the power of trust.

Social commerce and the power of network marketing rests on the foundation of social connections, and using your social network to gain wisdom, feedback, and endorsements is a powerful and growing trend. Individuals, especially younger consumers,  are more likely to trust their social networks than to trust big retailers. This is especially true when it comes to products for health, wellness, and personal care.

When you consider this trend alongside the growing desire of today’s entrepreneurs to avoid a traditional office or a 9-5 desk job, you’ve got a powerful formula for growth. For those willing to commit and build from the ground up, social commerce offers a platform for success with nearly unlimited potential.

As the field continues to gain legitimacy, more and more business owners will take the leap to unshackle themselves from their work, and create a time and location-independent career, selling trusted products and engaging authentically with their social community.

A growing number of companies are implementing a distribution and sales approach based on social commerce and network marketing. They are shifting their business strategy to leverage the power of trust within the social networks of entrepreneurs who loyally adopt and sell their products. As consumers are becoming more responsive to social recommendations, less likely to shop in traditional retail spaces, and ultimately inspired by the recommendations and experiences of their network, this is a quick win for businesses seeking to move away from traditional inventory and distribution methods and into the 21st century of sales.

And for the entrepreneur who needs more freedom, whether to care for children or aging parents or to devote to athletic or creative pursuits, a social commerce business is a clear fit. Being able to work from anywhere, not struggling to find last-minute childcare or facing the Monday morning grind, creates freedom.

Freedom to grow, to expand, to save, and to follow dreams wherever they may take you.

Traktivity is designed to be the ultimate tool to help you in this new, exciting space. By leveraging what you’re already doing -- sharing products you’re passionate about with your network -- and expanding that process, replicating it, and helping you build your network and trusted status, Traktivity will be there every step of the way help you build a successful career.

So, if you’re intrigued by these opportunities, or you are itching to start a new path to success, surrounded by people you trust and a community you’ve already started to build, a career in social commerce may be the right fit for you.

Have you signed up for your free trial of Traktivity yet? Join us today and unleash the power of trust while you streamline your business growth. If you sign up for our TRAKstar Pro plan before February 14th, you'll save 14% off of your first month's subscription!

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