Welcome To Your Best Year Ever
TraktivityWelcome To Your Best Year Ever
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Welcome to 2019, #TRAKstar.

Will you make this just another year? Or will you make it your best year ever?

We know some of you have been planning and preparing for 2019 for days or weeks now. Maybe you’ve selected a word for the year and you’ve got your first 30 days all planned out. But if you’re not there yet -- or you’re still wondering where December went -- we’ll be here to help.

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We’ll check in with you each week here in your inbox, on the blog, and every day on our social accounts, to give you some guidance and help you move through the month with purpose.

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And of course, make the most of your business by using Traktivity to track everything you’re doing from reachouts to new connections and enrollments!

Ready to launch your Best Year Ever? Here are 5 ways to get started:

Clarify Your Goals

What are your goals for 2019? Do you have a word, a guiding framework, one big goal or a set of habits? There are as many ways of structuring goals as there are of accomplishing them -- so make sure you’ve picked a method and know your goals for 2019.

If you don’t know where you’re heading, you won’t know if you’re making any progress.

We’ll be digging into goal execution later in the month, so doing this work now will set you up for a great start to your year!

Update Your Work Schedule

On your Traktivity dashboard, you can choose which days of the week you’ll work and set your activity goals. If you haven’t updated this recently, click on the Today’s Goals section to review and edit your work schedule. Maybe it’s changed since the last time you checked? How will you set your work schedule to reach your 2019 goals?

Resync Your Contacts

When’s the last time you updated your Traktivity contacts? We suggest updating your Facebook import and your contact synchronization at least once a month. (And if you’re not meeting new people every month, we’ll need to get you moving in that area as well!) Resync your contacts, review your Dream Team selections, and then let our smart algorhythm take it from there!

Share Your Vision

Whether it’s with your team, your partner, your parents, your journal, or our Traktivity community, make sure you’re sharing your goals and what you want to achieve this year! We’ll be posting some callouts on Instagram and social media to let you share your wins, hopes, dreams, and challenges all month long. Take advantage of this community and get public with where you’re going!

Clean Up The Excess

If your desk is cluttered, your inbox is overflowing, or your phone is full of apps you’re not using - take 30 minutes today and clean it up. Inbox Zero is a great goal but if you can’t achieve that, maybe you can make progress in that direction. Have a bunch of overdue reachouts on your Traktivity dashboard? Use the "Clear All" button to reset - and don't worry, all those contacts will circle back through so you won't miss out on anything. Nothing feels quite as good as starting a new year with a clean slate.

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At the end of the month, our #30DayChallenge participants will be entered to win our ULTIMATE GIVEAWAY PACKAGE -- including 2 free months of TRAKstar PRO, a #TRAKstar t-shirt, and a bundle of books and other tools.

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