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Melissa C Traktivity was so simple to use. A few small steps that help you prioritize your business and keeps track of things that need to be accomplished and things that have been done to help you reach your goals. Keeps you focused and helps maintain your reach outs. This app allows you to use an image to remind you why you are working and what you want to achieve from all your hard work. No doubt, I will be utilizing this tool from here on out!

Holly B I absolutely love this App! It’s has been exactly what I was looking for to manage my contacts and follow up system. It has made doing daily activity quicker and has greatly improved my follow us system. It has been a great time saver as well. Worth every cent!

Kirsty M I love Trakivity! I’ve used another contact compiling app and this one definitely works best with my business model. Easy to use and great instructions used on the app. Plus the communication if you have any questions is very quick

Kelsey B Holy Wow! This is what I’ve been waiting for...I have names written on scrap paper everywhere and then have to set individual reminders each time so I have 10s of reminders that go off every day. From the first day of using it, I did about 2x more reach outs than a normal day because of how quickly I was able to set the reminders etc. and the goals at the top motivated me to get even more done! Love Traktivity!

Allison B I just signed up for traktivity after having a completely dead month so far, and I must say, I am In LOVE with Traktivity! Just nailed 8 new reach outs. Even a few to a couple of guys, which I was scared to do before. (And I am calling one of the guys in the morning to talk prices on a few items!) Best part is, I did all that in under 30 minutes! I LOVE how it told me who to reach out to and it made me feel SO accomplished when I hit 100% on my daily goals too! This is it! It’s EXACTLY what I needed!!

Desiree C I have been hearing amazing things about this platform. And it DOES NOT disappoint. It's easy to use and navigate. It has EVERYTHING I have been looking for to run my business more efficiently. Jarad was quick to help and hop on a zoom call to guide me through my questions. I emailed the company on Thanksgiving (thinking I would be waiting a while to hear back), but within 15 minutes of sending my email, I had a response. I will be recommending this platform to all of my upline and downline. Everything you need right in one stop. Thank you!

Heather P I won't lie...I had trouble getting my contacts imported into the website. (Probably me not Traktivity hahaha) Mallory and the Traktivity team were amazing to work with to help me figure out the issue! Top-notch customer service!! And now, my contacts are imported!! And the organizational/spreadsheet/planner self in me is having a field day!

Tarra D I love this app! Been a game changer for me! I have many new customers now,thank you!!!:) Solid 5/5!

Tabitha B Just started using this app this week. Jarad did an awesome training with my team and I can’t wait to dive deeper into it. It has really helped organize my email list and reach outs. With 2 small kids at home I need simple. It was so nice to have my days work laid out for me and to just be able to jump on and complete my tasks quickly and efficiently!

Sacha M I have really enjoyed Traktivity!!! It was so simple to get started and I didn't feel I had to spend hours getting things organized to just get going. Love the motivation and goal setting and that you can really track things behind the scenes too. I would recommend this to anyone starting out!

Bethany G Great instructions for setting up the desktop version and the mobile app was incredibly easy to navigate too! I love being able to track my progress, hold myself accountable and schedule future actions for each contact on my list. The best thing? Traktivity is helping me build a habit! Love it!

Abby H I love the measurable outcome! I can see what I've accomplished and "win" the day, which really helps to keep me focussed. It also helps with accountability to actually do what I committed to. Everyone should at least give this a try as a method to keep track of your activity!

Janelle L Traktivity is such an awesome easy to use app to help keep you organized with your business. Keeps things front and center so you always know what you've done, need to do and what you're working towards. Definitely using this tool moving forward to help me to grow my business!!

Katie H Loving this because I feel like I FINALLY have a reliable way to track my reachouts. Its easy to use and keeps me organized!

Dee Ann P Keeps you organized and on track daily for optimal results in your business. Great app! Thank you!

Danielle L "Traktivity has been very helpful in keeping me organized so I don’t miss opportunities or let good leads go cold. It’s such a time saver to have one central place where I can keep track of my interactions."

Blair D Traktivity is a new must-have for my business! It allows me to not let anyone slip through the cracks and follow up in a timely manner. It’s the perfect tool for both veterans and brand new business owners!"

Britt M love that Traktivity helps to keep me on track with my reachouts and follow-ups. In the past, it has been difficult for me to stay on top of when and who I needed to reach out to. But this tool helps me to follow through with those tasks effectively and timely. I no longer need my daily calendar - that I wasn't even using!!

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