Data & security protection you can count on.


Protecting your data and giving you peace of mind is important. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure it is kept safe.

Our development team leverages the latest technology, tools, and best practices to keep your data safe and protected. You can take comfort in knowing the best networking marketing app was built off of a solid and secure foundation.

Strong Data Encryption

Traktivity is only accessible via a 256-bit encrypted connection using Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Secure Data Storage

All data is stored in highly secure Amazon Web Services data centers.

Data Redundancy

All data is backed up in real time.

Secure Payments

We never see or store your payment information. We work with Apple and Stripe to directly manage payments and PCI compliance.

Controls, Controls & Controls

Upon request, your data can be exported or permanently deleted from our system. Additionally, your contacts are never shared with anyone.

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