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If you love the power of Traktivity and want to earn extra money - you could be one of our #BrandAmbassadors.

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Getting started as a Traktivity Brand Ambassador…

Brand Ambassadors are people who love Traktivity and who want to earn extra income by sharing Traktivity with their network.

Our Brand Ambassadors appreciate working as a team, setting and reaching goals, and building knowledge to support their own businesses. Our community of Brand Ambassadors motivate, inspire, and educate each other to be their best and accomplish amazing things in network marketing by working on their business.

Being a Brand Ambassador means you are known as a trusted source for business best practices. Traktivity Brand Ambassadors will receive training, gear, and tips along the way.

The details.

You’ll earn up to 30% of the Traktivity memberships purchased through your unique link or using your referral code+. Additionally, your referrals get two extra weeks for their FREE Traktivity trial! Here’s how our commissions work:

Silver Brand Ambassador: <50 Active Traktivity Subscriptions

10% per sale

Gold Brand Ambassador: 50-99 Active Traktivity Subscriptions

20% per sale

Platinum Brand Ambassador: 100+ Active Traktivity Subscriptions

30% per sale

*commissions paid monthly based on previous month’s enrollments

+ Users who enroll through the iOS App will need to input your unique referral code in order to be counted as your sale

When and how do you get paid?

You’ll receive a monthly commission payment via Paypal based on your previous month’s enrollments using your unique referral link or code. Your commission percentage is directly tied to that month’s active subscriptions, so may vary month-to-month depending on your maintenance or addition of new active referral memberships. If enrolled Traktivity users do not click through your link or use your referral code, we may ask you to show other proof of active referral in order to credit that enrollment to your account.

For more information about payments and enrollments, please refer to our Terms & Conditions of the Brand Ambassador program.

6 more reasons to be a Traktivity Brand Ambassador
  • 1
    Help Guide Traktivity’s Future

    Your input will help us prioritize new features, improve our user interface, and give an even better product to our Traktivity users. Your leadership and knowledge will make Traktivity even better.

  • 2
    Share Your Story: Special Recognition To Our Customers

    It’s all about YOU! We want to highlight you. You’ll have opportunities for blog contributions, Facebook Live interviews, Instagram Story takeovers, and Traktivity website promotions. Your team and your prospects will see you as a leader and want to learn from you.

  • 3
    Deep Product Discounts & Free Swag

    Special product discounts for Brand Ambassadors, swag giveaways, and sales incentives.

  • 4
    Exclusive Community For Our Ambassadors

    An invite to our private Traktivity Ambassador Facebook group where you can connect and network with other Traktivity Ambassadors!

  • 5
    Join us at events

    Get invited as a VIP to join us at Traktivity events! Platinum Brand Ambassadors have the potential to present at our Traktivity events and share their knowledge and expertise with our community.

  • 6
    Give your community an extended free trial!

    Anyone who signs up with your unique link or referral code gets 2 extra weeks FREE! It's a win for you and a win for them.

Ready to get started?

As a Traktivity Brand Ambassador, we hope you’ll be consistently sharing your Traktivity referral link with your network and your new teammates. However, there is no minimum and you may participate as much as you wish.

We’ll give you the resources you need, including graphics, email language, and social posts that you can share with your team and followers on your web platforms in as little as 5 minutes. You don’t have to do the creative leg-work. You’ll be able to copy, paste, and schedule - then get on with the rest of your day.

Yup… it’s that easy.
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