Hey there! We’re the team behind Traktivity, and we’re so glad you’ve become a part of our #TRAKstar community.

Traktivity was created by a team of successful network marketing professionals, technology experts, and business masterminds to be the ultimate App for your network marketing business.

Our experience with network marketing taught us that success comes from focusing on the work you can control -- the activities you log each day, week, and month as you build your business. But without a streamlined, easy-to-use tool to keep track of contacts, prospects, conversations, and meetings, it can be easy to get behind and feel overwhelmed. We saw this demand firsthand in our own businesses, and decided to build a solution. Traktivity was born!

With our powerful Win The Day platform, you’ll never have to wonder who to call next. With our integrated contacts and calendar tools, you’ll see all of your contacts, history, and notes on the App dashboard, and you’ll always have the next call, meeting, or conversation at your fingertips. No matter where your business takes you, you’ll be ready to take action and grow your business on the go.

We can confidently say that Traktivity is the best tool for your network marketing business, because we didn’t just build the tool to fit our needs; throughout development, we’ve received requests and feedback from our community of users, and consulted with a small team of successful network marketers to build the best tool possible -- the App that meets YOUR needs for YOUR business!

We’re constantly adding to Traktivity’s features, delivering better performance, more powerful data, and more meaningful team engagement. And we didn’t stop with just the App - the Traktivity community gives you extra resources to take your business to the top. We cheer you on when you’re trying to get hard tasks done, and provide customizable scripts you can adapt to any situation - from an initial conversation to tackling common objections to network marketing opportunities. Traktivity is your one-stop shop for ALL of your network marketing needs.

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