The Critical Value of Small Steps
The Critical Value of Small Steps
TraktivityThe Critical Value of Small Steps
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Recently, I went for a run. The route was a four mile loop -- out and back along a beautiful nature trail with views of mountains, trees, and a roaring river.

As I made my way along, I started to tire. I’m not a regular runner, and to be honest, four miles was pretty intimidating to me.

So as I ran, I began to shift my focus, noticing a tree, or a plant, or a bend in the trail just a little farther. I decided not to think about the whole distance ahead of me, but just to run and keep moving until I reached that next step.

And piece by piece, stride by stride, I was able to finish those four miles. I felt so proud of myself -- not only for achieving my bigger goal, but for finding a way to persist and still have fun along the way.

I’m sure you’ve experienced something similar in your life. A task that seems daunting, or a project that feels overwhelming. And maybe, you’ve made it through just by focusing on each small action along the way.

This is also an incredibly valuable way to look at building your business.

Because let’s be honest -- the first few stages of building a business can be tough. You’re investing time, and effort, and making sacrifices. And yet, you’re probably not seeing big progress as quickly as you’d like. You’re looking ahead to your big goal -- whether it’s an income goal, or a certain number of sales customers -- and it may seem just as daunting as those four miles did to me on that late summer morning. You might start to doubt yourself, or to think you need to come up with a smaller dream.

So I’m here to reassure you -- if you recalibrate your vision, and start to think of your goal in stages, you’ll be able to look at your progress and feel proud at each step along the way.

You’ll come to recognize that the action is more important than the result

We all want to find the fast track, the easy win. But I couldn’t get to four miles without taking every single step along the way. It’s the same with your business -- and breaking your goal up into manageable bite-size steps, you’ll be able to focus on each one, and feel confident faster that you can do this.

This is a method that has served me well time and time again, in my work and in my personal life. And I’m not alone in this -- many thinkers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and more have applied this tool and found incredible results.

So today, I invite you to think about your business or some other big project in your life, and come up with a few smaller steps that you can focus on. Make yourself a list of these first few steps, and anytime you start to doubt yourself or your business, take a deep breath and refocus on just the next step.  And if you’d like to share your results here, I’d love to hear about how you’re taking control and making progress one step at a time. Together, we can encourage each other as we make steady progress towards our big goals!

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