First Steps & Fresh Starts
First Steps & Fresh Starts
TraktivityFirst Steps & Fresh Starts
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We’ve been talking a lot lately about growing businesses, setting and meeting goals, and using the best tools and processes to support success.

Every journey, no matter how big or small your business is or what your goals are, begins with that very first step

Sometimes the first step can be intimidating. Maybe you don’t even know what the first step is! Perhaps you’re afraid to step into the unknown of the new experience. Or maybe you’ve tried a few times, but never quite made it through and onto the next step.

My life lately has been all about firsts. Launching my first app and high-performance tool, with the creation of Traktivity, is, of course, a first for me. But there have been a few other important firsts in my life right now, and many of them fall on the personal side of the equation.

Earlier this year, I got married, and now, we’re expecting our first baby. Talk about major firsts!

Another significant first was moving with my new husband and our growing family to Montana, following a dream of living in a beautiful place where we could work on Traktivity and enjoy the amazing opportunities to explore the outdoors.  And I had the chance to train a large group of leaders recently at a major conference for my business, speaking to thousands of women and entrepreneurs about building and maintaining momentum.

A few years ago, I could never have imagined all of these new adventures. But they’re real, and they’re exactly where I need to be right now.

I won’t lie, these firsts have been incredible, but also intimidating! I’m so eager to meet our child, but I also have all of the first-time mom nervousness that comes with expecting. I’m continuing to learn new skills in Montana, from chopping wood to mastering driving in the snow that is headed our way. And I’m navigating it all alongside my new husband, learning about marriage and partnership in both personal and work environments.

This is why I love these firsts in my life right now -- they remind me why I feel so strongly about building businesses that blend work, life, passion, and persistence in the best way possible.

And they remind me of why I care so much about my own network of friends, family members, and partners. After all, my dream is a life that lets me live fully all of the different roles I inhabit -- whether it’s a mom, a partner, a friend, or a leader.

So I’m curious to hear about you.

What firsts are you encountering or creating in your own life? What challenges are you running into? How are you building opportunities in your career, your business, and your personal life? What first step can you take today? Join us here or on Facebook or Instagram and share your stories with #TRAKstar!

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